Thursday, July 31, 2014

The big thing that is going to be small (i.e. the letter)

Dear Family, Friends and other interested parties as clarified last time.
             I am doing really well, but I have had very little time to write in my journal so I will try to remember the big things. 
         Well p day ended pretty well, we played kickball, and I scored almost all the runs, but it turned a little painful when someone got out and I had to run back to my base and they tossed the ball, and Elder Hixson jumped up to catch it and I had to jump just barely around him and as he came down to tag me with the the ball he got me in the side of my chest with his elbow he knocked the wind out of me and it was to say the least, painful, but it was okay, I had to get an ice pack to put in my shirt to help it and I took my favorite drug, ibuprofen. 
          Wednesday was great I don't recall all we did but it was good, we got a talking to about not talking in Spanish enough. 
          Thursday was en 95% Espanol and I loved it it was fantastic, it was hard but I loved it, I need to do it again everyday like that but it is really difficult. I don't know how to keep it up but I have to. 
            Friday we got a class pet, it was a giant moth it was huge it is as big as my hand. We let it go Sunday morning but we had it for two days in one of our cupboards. Another district in our building found a cat hiding under the stairs by the comedor (dining hall), and they took it in, and kept it overnight, 
Saturday they then gave it to reception, who gave it back to them and our maestro (teacher) took it home with him in a box, it is so cute and small, one of our hermanas (sisters) held it and loved it and it did the Charlie paw paw purr. It is adorable. 
            Sunday is always fantastic we wrote our talks, and we studied and played around. sacrament meeting was great I love it. I wanted to speak again  but it is okay. We had a class on testimony and conversion. Testimony comes through prayer and study of the scriptures and fe en Jesucristo, arrepentimiento bautismo la recepcion del don del espiritu santo y el perserverar hasta el fin. (faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.)
conversion comes through arrepentimiento santa cena la recepcion del don del espiritu santo y el perserverar hasta el fin. (Repentance, Sacrament, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) Then repeat, have Travis help you with that. We had a great devotional by Jeffery R. Holland and it was about how every dispensation prior knew they knew that they would fail. yet they did they worked and failed so that ours could and would, and will succeed. We have to be the best missionaries the world has ever seen we have to outdo the ancients by a lot, but we can do it because there are 80000 of us and the almighty God and his son our savior and redeemer Jesucristo. (Jesus Christ)
The movies were also nice but nothing really topped Elder Holland's talk 
Monday, yesterday, was nice and we worked on stuff, and we helped teach another class some Spanish, TALL is an adventure, and the annoying elder is gone! Oh I got your dear elders with the talk on Thursday and I have been sharing the guys talk ever since, with everyone, it is awesome. And that sums up my week I saw Paul and he is kind of sick but don't tell his mom his room mates apparently have had it worse so he is okay but ya. 
We played soccer and basketball, the elders in my district are trying to scare each other and it is amusing so that is the big letter love 
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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