Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The second big letter

Dear family, friends, cats, dogs and other interested parties
          It has been a very interesting week in El CCM I don't quite know where to start. I guess I should start with the end of last weeks p-day so we went to dinner and a devotional and after the devotional we have a district review and Hermana Hancock bore her testimony and expressed some of her thoughts of how she was struggling, I was impressed by the spirit to hug her, but I refrained, I was obedient. So I wrote her a note of encouragement that night. I also expressed thoughts that touched her hear where she felt impressed to hug me as well but she refrained. Double obedience wammy! So after getting my note she wrote me a thank you note and that is how I learned she felt the same way it was pretty awesome I daresay we are probably as close to being friends that an elder and sister can be. Anyways so that was Wednesday she got the note. I got over my sickness from Tuesday night to Wednesday I thank God for His mercy and love and the great miracle the human body is, and some elders just need to do the brat diet. Well I don't remember much else about Wednesday it is difficult to remember things since every is quite literally the same. Think the Groundhog Day was bad, try two weeks in CCM . Oh Angel my investigator is my new teacher in the afternoons and his real name is Mosiah Martinez ha ha ha what a cool name. and he is a fantastic teacher. I played soccer and made two goals take that world cup. Next up is the Fourth of July. we don't have a picture because it isn't p-day but we as the elders wore ties that were red and blue, and they were kind enough to give us a mini celebration. because half of the CCM is American I swear. We sang the national anthem at lunch and we had apple pie and bbq sandwiches. of and straight up American vanilla ice cream I swear I was in heaven, minus I wasn't with God. :) Anyways, Hermano Silva my regular teacher is now an investigator and he has the greatest tye dye get up ever! Man, he is classy, I am almost jealous of his style. My district is one big family, and Hermana Hancock and I are pretty much brother and sister we are giving each other so much crap about our special someones though we are being nice. Her BF is a marine well I'm skipping to Saturday. Well it was good until I broke down from stress, I am okay now, I don't know what it was but I cracked it took me a little while to calm down but I am okay then we had lunch, I am now an emotional eater. latter that day we had stress management, can you believe the irony? but it gets better basically everyone's stress relief tactics are forbidden so ya that is that. No running by yourself, no music playing instruments, and whatever else people do, it is against the rules. ha ha ha suck it up missionaries basically is how the video felt. Hemrano Martinez told us a story it is long but I will sum it up: as missionaries we have to be obedient, but as we are obedient we are given more trust and freedom to act and recieve revelation, even if it means going to a skate park and showing off tricks to the young kids to earn their trust so that they could be taught the gospel. boom awesomeness, I am going to be obedient, and I am glad I have been so ya so Saturday is pretty much the same as the others and I can't quite remember the details, oh wait it rained like every other day. We began our fast at lunch and ended it at lunch on Sunday which means we didn't have to write talks. Fast Sundays are my favorite because you also get extra study time in the morning. Priesthood was also pretty cool we talked about being examples. 
there are two types of happy people
1 children 
2 missionaries, we need to put on our smile every morning along with our tie. So that was a great lesson. 
District class was Sunday School. and it was about companionship unity. so ya. Sacrament meeting was great with lots of testimonies in Spanish, and it is way to hot in a suit coat though the old men in the presidency seem not to notice, they got mad at us during our movie at night for taking our suit coats off. I think the Hermanas need to wear the suit coats for the Elders. it would simplify the coldness, and the hotness issue. We watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration and it was really good, we also watched a devotional from Elder Holland on being a Preach My Gospel missionary, I think I need to work harder. after When we should have been doing district review and discussion, we instead gave to of the Hermanas blessings, Hermana Brady, and Hermana Garner. It was really cool, I got to give Hermana Garner a blessing. then we gave one to Elder Fletcher since he kind of got viral bronchitis so ya. Then Monday the Hermanas were feeling better, Elder Fletcher not so great but noticeably better. I can't remember if I told you about the Latino Hermanas we helped to find Loor al Propheta or Praise to the Man, but one of them had me and Elder Drennan, though she said Elder Draper, write down our contact information, emails and stuff so ya it was entertaining. that was pretty much it on the excitement for Monday. Tuedsday or today we played ultimate pong, which is ping pong across the volley ball net, we then played basket ball and that is it. for now I love you all this gospel is true, the MTC is hard but I wouldn't want to be anyplace else (mom please fix my grammar because it is hard to type fast on this keyboard thanks I love you!)
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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