Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Saw My Brother!!

Dear Family Friends and other interested parties who I can not, will not, and do not even know to name.
          I have had a rather interesting week. so Tuesday finished up and we played kickball, and it was pretty great. We had a live devotional from BYU given by Neil L. Andersen. It was fantastic, it was about the Holy Ghost and I really enjoyed it though we ran out of time to talk as a district afterwards. 
           Wednesday is where things got interesting. I went to bed, and then woke up with a huge ingrown zit in my cheek, but it wasn't to big but it was like no warning signs whatsoever. Well I go through my day, wake up shower and get dressed go study for thirty ish minutes then go to breakfast study some more, teach eat lunch study more, teach more learn more eat again do more studying and learning go to bed. well that sums up pretty much every day but it gets more interesting so I decide to see what happens if I drain the zit well it drained lots of serous fluid then it  was gone nothing else it looked normal and I was like that was easy I went to bed and I woke up at midnight to blow my nose, and it was still perfectly good nothing nada, ha ha 
           Thursday I wake up and my cheek is swollen out of a healthy proportion and It is swelling towards my eye so I decided I need to go the Enfermeria, and they are like what the crap happened to your face, so I tell a sort of story thing and ya, I got some antibiotics and I had been praying for a simple miracle and here it was, the drugs, by Friday, had completely taken the swelling down to a safe amount, and it has just been getting better. 
             Friday was the day of confrontation, I bothered and bothered President Brown to know when I was going to the temple so that I could arrange to meet my brother since it is difficult to do when he doesn't have time left to spare. Well I had talked to him earlier and he informed me that my district was not going on Tuesday the 15th and I said that's not going to work so he actually got us on the temple trip, my entire district! I was happy and dancing around because I was going to see my brother.
              Well now it is time for the big day, Saturday. It was studying there is nothing much to note other than it didn't rain for twenty four hours! And we were walking to TALL and I saw Hermana Maestro standing outside and I didn't think anything of it until she came up to me and stopped Elder Drennan and I and asked, looking at me, "can you give a blessing in Spanish because we have a Hermana that really needs one." So after a second of confusion making sure we had what we needed, I gave Hermana Maestro a blessing of peace, comfort, and counsel because her Novio, fiance had just called off their wedding and she was devastated and he did it by letter. So that was sucky. I went to tall, and I was outside for a moment break and she was bringing her class in and happy and smiling. It was a really cool experience. 
             Sunday we said farewell to our branch president, Pres. Tenorio since he is going to BYU for two years. And I gave a talk in Spanish and I did total improv towards the end, and it ended up working out, we watched Mount of the Lord and I really appreciate the early saints in building the temple. 
              Monday we just did more work and teaching and freaking out that today would be Tuesday
            Tuesday I saw Travis! He is doing well and he is looking great. We got to the visitor center and I was kind of like where is my brother. Well we listen to a presentation about Christ in the Christus room. Then we are heading out for our tour and I hear "good to see you" and I know the voice. I don't even take look at his face and we just go bear hug on each other and I start to cry because here he is, my big brother, my hero. Wow, it was powerful moment and we talked in our British accents the rest of the time, we goofed off, and his mission buddies were like, wait this is your little brother you're joking right and we were like nope and everyone thought it was so cool. And Elder Alder was like Elder Drapers, "I'm happy for you." Since he was on the tour as well. We got some great pictures, which well come in another email. So I saw him, I hugged him, we had a great time and man, I really did miss him and I hope he misses me. And he game me a gift, he gave me one of his name tags to take with me on my mission. This gospel is true, we as missionaries sacrifice our friends, families, education, and other worldly things to share the gospel so that all families can be together forever. I love you all stay safe 
YOLO so don't do stupid
Oh and my comp Elder Drennan is friends with Emily Thompson's friend Sabrina, so pass the word on to Sabrina that I am companions with Jay Drennan, her home teacher at BYU 
Mom please edit out parts as you see fit, and please correct my grammar and punctuation.  

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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