Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mas Pictures

Elders: Drennan, Draper, Hixon Fletcher, Gessel, Romney; Hermanas: Heufner, Garner, Collins, Hancock,  Brady,  Connor; Elders being awkward and the Sisters loving each other

Elders: Gessel, Romney, Drennan, Draper, Hixon, and Fletcher; Now we like each other and are trying to be cool (on the right end)
Tricycle, I want to ride it!


Nighttime, the outside world

On the road again

Flying High

The fence, to keep us in (or something out :)

Here at the wall, I thought this was the MTC not prison.

My Room, with messy boys (Elders)

My Bed, hopefully restful

The closet, I swear I have nothing to wear ;) and the end of the prison tour ( oh wait it's the CCM)

It's cloudy outside, I wonder if there will be rain

The CCM, my home for the next 6 weeks

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