Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The big letter of crazy out of orderness

Dear Family and other interested parties that are either A. not related to me, or B. still not related to me and are fuzzy and cute, or C. are related to me but are not part of my imediate family but you all ready fell in the first category so don't worry about it.
      well I am having a great interesting time in the CCM and I cant give stuff to you in days but I will give you all the good stories. 
       Tuesday I saw Travis and we had a devotional and I took notes but I forgot what on so lo siento.        Wednesday we got the new recruits there are five people from Olympus here in the CCM Elder Alder, myself, Elder Monson, Elder Ashcraft, and Elder Smith. So that is definitely interesting seeing them occasionally. Oh and today starts the epic tale of the two Elders who want to flirt with our Hermanas and make their companions do awkward splits. Well two elders in our zone have been coming into our district room during our study time to talk with the Hermanas, they completely ignore us, the Elders, and go straight to talking with the Hermanas, ya weird, we say "Hola, como esta?" and they say "Hola" without looking to see the person speaking. 
        Thursday we played foursquare in gym which is always interesting. I bumped into an old wardie of Ryan Tatton who knows who I am, so that was interesting. We found this weird orange spider ant bug things in a bush, so that was weird. The two Elders are flirting with the Hermanas in class, and in TALL, which is no bueno, and they wont take the hints 'of we are trying to study' as a reason to leave us alone. The Big adventure: so Elder Romney can do toe touches, so he was doing them, and one time he did them, well the last time really, he split his suit pants! So that was fun and awkward. 
      We played nine square and volleyball during gym. Hermano Silva was giving us some feedback on our teaching, he said "Elder Draper can understand everything I am saying to him right now", but he speaks to me like a caveman. I am not calling him out because he is not alone in this practice practice practice. (all in Spanish) We got a huge rainstorm with hail and the whole shebang, it was awesome, and apparently my little cul de sac flooded, one elder not in my zone got pictures. The power went our in our casa, and we have no water pressure yah! That is fun, actually it kind of was luckily we are closest to the water tower so we actually had a little water pressure, we just had to let it build up for a little while. 
          Now this is Saturday, we made up a stupid but fun game thing foursquare, tennis, volleyball, soccer mix, it was really fun but we did so many stupid things. At breakfast Elder Fletcher was squeezing the butter thing, and it exploded all over, but luckily not him. Class was good, during our study time one of the flirt Elders came into our room without his companion! His comp was in the bano but still you don't do that especially when you ignore the elders in the room, so that set off a thousand and one alarms in my head, next we go to go get water from the jug in the hall, and his comp says to me sorry about him he is doing this with all the hermanas in the CCM. WHAT! ya creepy weird. Well then after TALL Hermana Collins and Hancock are outside because Collins isn't feeling good, and we leave them be because we can't really help and then I am standing outside while my comp is in the bano and the Elder who came in without his comp is talking to the hermanas and he helps Collins up and brushes her off since she was laying down! Another alarm went off. So we as the Elders that night called a super secret shower meeting to discuss this problem and it was determined to bring it up in leadership meeting Sunday. 
          Sunday we discover he is having problems being motivated, I am working on trying to love him and be kind despite his crossing the boundaries. We had great meetings but the best was the devotional by Hermano Shawn Cates, our director of instruction in the CCM. He is such a cool guy, he is working on his PHD and he has three kids and they are so funny. to watch run around the CCM. He gave a fantastic devotional about The Eye of Faith, remember Lots Wife, and we need to not long for the past, focus on the future, and be disease, or Never go away, never give up. and ya it was amazing. we watched a movie about John Tanner. 
        Monday we played our stupid game and this is the day of stupid great stories, I got two boxes of doughnuts, happy day. We played this game during our class which was run around and get your name tag and toss the other persons if you pick it up, I tossed Elder Fletcher's onto the roof on accident, luckily it bounced over so we got it. Elder Drennan had some sauce shotgun out of his meat onto his shirt so he wiped it up went to eat some, and he got one bite before he got splattered again. I will send the pictures. Oh and we had this plane fly over the CCM playing some recording about some fiesta that everyone is invited to so it was random that is Monday. 
                     Today I got a haircut and it is ROTC buzz style, which is not what I wanted, but it works so ay that was fun. We did laundry and we will go play some kickball that is my week.

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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