Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A little about my week and other stuff I remembered

Well I ran into an Elder Poulson I think he is the grandson of Joe and Barbara Christensen and He is here in the CCM. I also ran into an Elder Kirkham, he is a friend of Elder Tatton and he is dating McElle Thorton (that is all spelled wrong so please correct it.) Tonight our district is having a party with sparkling cider since seven of them are leaving tomorrow. I know not to be prideful, but I seriously not even joking I have the best district in the CCM! We get along well, which is kind of uncommon from what I hear, and we are focused on studying and doing what we have to do. All of the other classes have to be babysat. Elder Manning arrived Wednesday I didn't have the opportunity to see him because we got the most freaking huge rainstorm of the Century or the six weeks we have been here. I did get to see Elder Manning he is doing well, he hasn't gotten sick yet, and he is doing well. He will be emailing tomorrow and hopefully we will have a picture of all nine of us from Olympus that are here. Oh just to assure you Elder Manning has a fantastic teacher his name is Hermano Martinez, if the name sounds familiar go back to my previous letters. He actually will be coming to the states in the next couple of weeks to go to LDSBC, so that is cool. I think he and Travis would get along well. Um, what else is there, oh ya I got my scripture case engraved with my name and Nebraska, Omaha, I was told they would add mission but they didn't and it is okay. We have had two cucarachas in our classroom the past couple of days and that has been an adventure to try to catch and kill them, luckily we succeeded. They are so freaky how they can climb any surface. Again I will send you a picture of one of them. We are so sad to leave each other. This is like my second family. What else is there to say? Um we played mafia in the street, which was a first, and we have played some other crazy games. We really are going to miss this place, it is a serious bubble even though the outside world seeps through in the sounds of cars and music, the spirit is so strong. I just hope and pray the other missionaries get it because our district is seriously the best. We are focused, but we do have fun. We sometimes we have a little to much fun during our breaks, but we focus right in when we need to and our progress in the language is phenomenal and I hope I can keep going until I am fluent. I love this gospel and the Book of Mormon is the BoM so ya it is awesome and I can't wait to go to Nebraska. Travis I am working on applying your advice daily. Oh I love the Latinos here they are so cool especially when they talk in their bad English and I speak in my bad Spanish it helps everyone. That is it for now I will send more tomorrow.  

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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