Monday, December 29, 2014


Playing volleyball

It didn't snow but NOW it did!

Dear Family and Special Friends and other random penguins(as it is cold)
         I am happy to report that my week was fantabulous. Despite my random craziness and lack of good numbers, due to some stupid sacking ZLs, but they are good people, so they will be forgiven.
          Tuesday kind of sucked. We got one lesson then we found out, oh hey don't forget exchanges, and we had exchanges and our area died that day. :( So we got only one lesson in our area and that was one of our big work days.
           Wednesday we had two lessons, after a super long Zone training which everyone liked the theme to but not the way the presenter presented. Ya I won't name names but one of the themes was YOU can change the members through faith and get them involved in working with you, but the presenter added the stupid phrase you can't change your companion, um Huh? I basically got the point but the other Elders didn't and at the lunch after I gave my agreement to them, but then expounded the points of the gospel that he meant to say and how we have a responsibility to take charge as the people on the frontline of the missionary effort and it turned into a cool discussion. We had a meeting with the brothers of the guy who I smoked in a race and they were seeing the reverse happen of what I promised them if they came to church. What I mean by reverse is a consequence to not coming to church, they are getting the inverse of my promise. Wow God really is involved in missionary work, and he will make things happen to get the stiffnecked to turn their heads and see.
                Thursday, Christmas Day, I got to open presents and then we visited a member before going and visting another family, so I could Skype home which you all know about. It was super cool and I really liked the discussion!
              Friday we went and worked, and we got three lessons and two new investigators. It was awesome, one of the investigators who I am teaching is also here in the library. I will, soon maybe if the Spirit lets me, ask him why he didn't come to church on Sunday. So ya he needs to start following commitments.
               Saturday The Zone leaders said "we want to come talk to you guys during lunch"' and we were like "sure." Well they got there after lunch and stayed there for two and a half hours. They consumed most, if not all, of the day being sacks.  I am frustrated with that because they were coming to see if Paonessa was okay but ya we played basketball with the youth and we locked up the church, drove home, got some gas, and some guy came up to me and tried to pay me for a ride. We said "Sorry, we can't give you a ride. It is just a rule we have." I implied parents and I said, "it isn't my car" and he was like "oh this is a minor" and he left me alone. Well it was funny because we got home and then we got ready for bed, then Elder Paonessa remembered he left one of the doors to the church unlocked with a door propping it open. So we tried contacting an English bishop to get him to go close the door. But he was like "no that is your job morons" and we were like "it is 10:15." Well he adamantly refused. So the APs had to call father Brunn because the members wouldn't listen to a missionary. So we owe father Brunn lunch, but that isn't bad.
                 Sunday we had four lessons. We found another investigator and it was super awesome.  We are going to rock this area and get some real improvement and change and get some baptisms.
I love you all Love Elder Logan Joseph Draper

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas and Birthdayness

Dear Family and Friends and the other interested parties who are not named because I know thee not 
            I have had a good week! We were fortunate enough to have Zone Conference on my Birthday and that was super cool because I got my packages that Day! And we then took a picture of the missionaries, and right before the picture they all sang to me. It was kind of embarrassing and cool all at the same time. We also did a white Elephant gift exhange, I did some groceries and a tie that Elder Cabazes left. So it would have been sweet had an Elder gotten it, but a senior couple got it. Well I got this mason jar mug thing but I traded a sister for an Electric type writer and a chocolate bar. Well the only thing wrong with the typewriter is the ribbon has all been used up and I will need to find some. Well this week, in working, was a disaster and work wise I have nothing to report. Elder Paonessa worked on his citizenship papers and we also went and helped host Gingerbread Festival at the Trail Center.
              Well we had a hiccup when Alexis didn't quite pass her baptismal interview on the first go. Her problem was there were three or four other girls trying to sit in on it, and trying to have it as a lesson. Well that doesn't work and I wasn't there, because we had to do splits for that so it was interesting. I got to go to a dinner appointment, which was difficult because I hadn't eaten very much at all the past couple days. I could only eat half the amount that they gave Elder Maradiaga and I. I was with him because his car is stupid and they had to take his driving privileges for a transfer. 
              Well then Thursday we went over and did a huge baptismal review for Alexis. We went through all the things she didn't understand, and clarified and made sure she understood what she was going to be doing. 
              Well she passed her interview and she got baptized the 20th of December and confirmed on the 21st. It was such a cool day, we were so happy for her. I was sorry Johnson missed it and I am glad I didn't baptize her, because I may have wanted to give her a hug but it was super cool. I got to participate in her confirmation as well and it was so cool, both times the spirit was super strong. I can see the fire in her eyes, she made the right decisions. I am so happy for her and I can't wait to see her either later today and tomorrow and talk about her experience. 
           So that sums up my week everyone. Sorry it is short, but we will have a chance to talk on Thursday. I love you I miss you all, but I know I am whrere I am supposed to be. I have been called to reap in a harvest and to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. As to my strength I know I am weak, but God is my strength and in His power we can perform many mighty miracles even bring one soul unto Christ. I am grateful for this Christmas season to celebrate the birth of the Christ child and to become a better disciple and to begin a new year and have new beginings. 
Love Logan Joseph Draper

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Transfers, Ceviche, Milk and Blah

Dear Family and Friends
          This has been an exciting and interesting week. I have a new companion, his name is Elder Paonessa. Elder Johnson is in Storm Lake, Iowa and ya it is kind of sad, but I will see him next transfer at Spanish Conference. So now, as I forgot my planner from last transfer, I will simply tell you all the important and cool things.
           So Tuesday after district meeting we went to the Guaca Maya for taco Tuesday, but it is only a dinner thing. So we just did the buffet instead. So it was pretty good, also we found out that a missionary that should have come out with me but got sick in the MTC and then went home and then came back out, got sick again and so he got sent home. He is such a cool missionary. After he went home, Johnson and I were talking. He was saying that it is okay that he is being sent home, because he has already changed, and become convereted. I gave him my copy of the talk from the guy in our ward who went to mexico and dad's phone number, so he could meet the guy. His name is Elder Espinoza.
           Wednesday I don't really remember to much of what happened, but it was a pretty good day.
           Thursday, the day we find out about transfers. So, we get up and start into the normal routine and we are going along, and the night before we had made sure that the APs and President Weston's ringtones were unique from everyone else's. Well, we got a phone call and it was a generic ringtone. So we were confused, but then when it said APs we realized that they had two phones. So Elder Johnson was informed that he would be a DL in Storm Lake. He asked "So who is Draper getting?" and Elder Edwards said, "You probably already know." and, Johnson replied, "Pao is pretty on top of things but tell me anyways." and he said, "Elder Paonessa" and just chuckled. Well this was especially funny because, while I was showering, Elder Paonessa had called Johnson to say that I was going to be getting Elder Wilson. So long story short, I surprised Pao. So we went and visited people and said fair wells for Elder Johnson and stuff.
            Friday we got Pao packed and moved down to south side. We had a lesson with a LA, who is smoking, and he was saying that he could beat me in a race even with smoking, because I was telling him that he was getting unhealthy and killing himself. So I took him on his race challenge, it was maybe thirty yards. I smoked him, (no pun intended ;) ). So that was fun. I taught him, I haven't worked out you go to the gym and I kicked your trash? God gave me the victory, and you know it, so will you stop smoking dope and cigarettes and run!
             Saturday I had a good full day of work. It was really hard to find people, but it was possible every now and then. So I am going to be hopefully getting more success. We are going through our area book and getting ready to turn south Omaha into a baptismal factory, ha ha we are excited. So I took Elder Paonessa to dinner at El Catrin a Mexican restaurant. Last time I was there both Johnson and our ward mission leader's wife had ceviche and it is so good so I got some myself, it was delicious. The JWs (Jehovah Witnesses) stole a guy in our apartment complex from us, but we will steal him back.
             Sunday was good I got the runs from my ceviche. I was hungry, so I got some cereal and basically the milk curdled in my stomach. I threw up and had the runs Sunday morning and I have been throwing up periodically ever since and having the runs. It is awful .I don't know exactly what to do. I am going to get some crackers and put myself on the BRATTY diet. So that should be good, but it was awful because I felt so crappy. During Priesthood I got up and had my companion, the other Elders, and a member come and give me a blessing. It helped, especially since I threw up two minutes later and felt like a million bucks. Honestly, the blessing has helped, even though it hasn't taken all the syptoms away.
          I love you all and thanks for your prayers for me, please include if possible a little something extra for Elder Paonessa. He has had a hard life. His dad kicked him out of his house and he had to sell his car and every other non-essential thing of his that he wouldn't need after his mission to get out here. He doesn't really have much to go back to please pray for him. He is a great missionary and he simply needs Love.

Love Elder Logan Joseph Draper
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

Last night he wanted to go to the other elders and I said no, because it was exactly 9:30 when we got home and I still had to pack. I couldn't go, so I made him angry with me. I just pray he can understand soon. He is ready to be normal again, where the small things aren't sins. Please pray for us. I have a hard assignment, from the mission president, to love him and keep him going until the end

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Dear Family Friends, and Santa's helpers
          I am doing super duper awesome despite some disappointments, but that is for a little bit later in the letter.
           Tuesday we had district meeting and then, because of craziness, we ended up going to the Trail Center to be hosts for the Gingerbread House Festival thing. That was fun, we talked to some great people and we got them to go upstairs to check out to other gingerbread houses and then onto a tour. So we had a 75% success rate with getting people on a tour because of Gingerbread! So that was awesome. Then we met with David and his son Cristian, and we dropped David because he didn't want to do the work to join the church because everything else is too important. We also got a sweet lesson with the brother and the sons of a recent convert and the Anti-Mormon we are masons uncle of the boys actually backed us up when we taught about prayer so it was super cool. And I think they will make some awesome progress. Well we also found out from the north Elders that the Hermanas were visiting their less active and they texted "thanks for the respect"
             Wednesday we had a good day, we got six "he is the gift" cards passed out and we are going to visit more with an extremely apostate, less active 17 year old. And it will be hilarious because he doesn't really have any concept of the gospel. He denies everything about it because he wants, or wanted, to sin. Now he doesn't want to come back because I think he thinks he can't repent, which he can it might just take a while but he is a pretty good kid. We had a meeting with the bishop to follow up on missionary work. So the sisters gave us cards with attributes they liked about us, basically saying we are trying to be friends and we respect you. The other Elders were like "they are trying to butter us up ya duh ya duh"
             Thursday we had a good lesson on the Law of Chastity, we made it modesty, with our 10 year old girl. So that was good, and we were getting her ready for baptism. And then that night we came across the sisters in our area, and then it kept getting to be a bigger and bigger deal for them. So ya it was a mess.
             Friday we did our weekly planning and we had dinner with a super cool family in the north Elders area. And it is fun to visit the recent converts and reactivated members, because they come back stronger. And I calculated how much time we spend out of our lives studying scriptures and going to church, if we were perfect since we were born only 21% but we all now it is may be in reality more like 18%. And one of our members got permission to come out with us on visits, after not being allowed to for a while, so it was awesome!!!
            Saturday was Ward party day we played basketball at the church with the youth, then we set up. And during the party I danced, because I was forced into a dance circle thing and the members are liking me more. I also took a chance to talk to the Hermanas about the whole thing, and they could be area poachers but it doesn't matter. I extended the hand of friendship saying, "The other Elders don't want to work with you, but I will do what I can. But be honest, have you been "area poaching?"" and it was a negative. So we decided to work together, and when Johnson saw me talking to Hermana Carlson he was like get some! Then he realized I don't, and wouldn't, do that and he then realized what I was trying to do and repented. We got everything settled with the Hermanas from the position of southside northside is still angst.
              Sunday was good and we had a meeting with the bishop where he rebuked the other Elders and me because I am with them on the contention between us, and ya it was awesome. We have had peace restored. That is my week. I love you, and I can't wait to write you next week either from here or a new area.
Love Elder L.J. Draper

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving week

Dearest Family Friends and pets who like chicken or turkey
            I am doing awesome, but kind of sad but still Awesome! So Monday we again met with the family that we basically were marriage counselors to. And well we were there rather late the last time we were there, we didn't get home until 10:20 and luckily the bishop has taken over. So we don't have to, and ya we are 18 and 20 but ya.
           Tuesday was district meeting and it went well. We were challenged by a visiting Seventy (he had a meeting with the leaders the week before) that we need to have 4 baptisms a month and pray for miracles. He basically rebuked the crap out of our leadership, and we should for sure starting in March had 70 baptisms a month as a mission from that point on, NO LESS. So we need to step it up andale (come on)! Well we then went to the Trail Center after picking up a humidifier from the church that Johnson forgot to grab, since it was being passed from member to member thing. Then we went to the Trail Center to host the Gingerbread Festival for a while. Then we went back to our area and had dinner with our ward mission leader and that was good. Then we had a super sweet lesson with one of our little girls, and here is why it is sad and AWESOME! So we taught her and after our lesson we were talking to her about her baptism and she was telling us, "I can't go to church this Sunday because I have to go stay with my dad for Thanksgiving." And we were like, "No, sorry" :( and she said "Well I guess I am going to have to stay here so I can go to church and get baptized on the 6th of December." Well that didn't work out which is good as she got to visit her dad, but we were able to move it to the 13th and we got her friend set for the 20th of December. So that is totally awesome! And they are progressing
              Wednesday we had a good meeting with one of the recent converts in our area and then we picked up dry cleaning and then played basketball with the youth. That was fun, though I don't think it was the most productive the other Elders did so I went along, and did some studying before I played.
               Thanksgiving! We got three lessons, which according to the Elders is a record for a holiday. So that was good. We had some good food with the Mejia Familia (Family) and they cook well, both the mom and dad, which is rare for a guy to cook in a Hispanic home. So he earned some bonus points. We are having fun with a part member family where we are teaching the sons of a RC and they are progressing and they probably won't get baptized till next year it is still worth it.
                Friday we got one of the girls set for baptism on the 20th, and it was awesome! And we got another RC lesson, so reminding y'all read your scriptures every night or listen to them. Oh and we went on exchanges and taught the brother of this disabled Jehovah's Witness dude. And we can't fight the guy in a wheelchair who isn't all the way there, so ya it stinks for the other guys. We had dinner with the bishop and helped his neighbor move a piano. OH and our bishop is moving to the DR (Dominican Republic) to do a job there for a year. :(  
                 Saturday we did weekly planning and it was good. We taught two lessons and ya it was an uneventful day. 
              Sunday we got in two lessons and they were good. We have some hard LAs to work with and ya it was difficult. We don't know what their problem is, and ya we are doing our best. Hopefully we can help them to come around and get in the Gospel.
             Well that is about it
Have an Attitude of Gratitude
Elder Logan J. Draper

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

Picture from NOM Moms

Studying Scriptures at Church