Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mas Mas Mas Pictures

Last of the sunset photos, apparently I'm trigger happy (in a good way)

Riding the bus, now I know my district is behind me all the way :)

Mexico City Temple

Mexico City Temple (not too trigger happy)

Elders in front of the Christus

Elder Drapers. We saw each other!!!!!!

Draper Selfie

Another Selfie

Now someone else is taking the photo

Drapers in front of Christus

In front of the Christus. I am so glad I got to see my hero.

In front of the temple, me and my big bro.

My District in front of the Christus

Now I'm in front of the Christus

Now we switched sides

We got photo-bombed!

Elders of my district plus my favorite elder

Angel Moroni
Elder Draper and Elder Draper
Elder Drapers' name tags. The question is, who's whose?

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