Monday, September 29, 2014

Book of Mormon Challenge

Here are the words to look for and the colors I choose to use
Once again the list of word to be looking for in the Book of Mormon. I added a few of my own if you want to follow my example. I hope everyone is having fun and see the awesomeness of The Book of Mormon!
Example of Challenge in Jacob 4

Another Example in 2 Nephi 31


Friday, September 26, 2014

New Transfer

Dear Family and friends,
         I am happy to inform you that I am doing very well. I had a great week, numbers don't mean anything in reality but we were trying and they look good. So I am proud of them because I am doing much better than I was before. Monday was frustrating, as you probably can recall through my email, however, it was really sweet in the end.We did a family home evening with a family the dad is considered less active because his job keeps him out of town a lot (he works for the railroads). Well it was sweet we shared 2 Nephi 28:26-31 and Helaman 5:12 and it was really cool. We gave them the perspective and they knew and as a family figured out what they wanted and could do better, it was sweet. We got a sweet lesson with an English/Spanish investigator and we taught him the Plan of Salvation and he ate it right up out of our hands. He really understands the gospel. I love him to death because he is not much older than me, but he hasn't had the gospel and he can see how it can make it happy.
        Tuesday we had district meeting and it was good and I don't remember where Hermana Miller got the quote but it says "puny preparation precedes puny revelation." So I need to prepare more for my investigators. We taught one of our investigators the law of chastity because we have to even though I am not worried with him having a problem with that anytime soon however he is 14. Let's suffice to say he set a world record for shortest successful lesson ever! It was funny being the missionary and teaching that one. We went to the leaving missionaries testimonies at the Trail Center and it was nice and then we went home.
         Wednesday, a pretty sweet day, we got a LA who doesn't like to do anything to commit to reading the BoM and her son ,who we mainly work with, is doing good at coming to church and everything and he is cool I love him, and I will not let him slip up if I can at all help it. We found out as we were leaving, since we had to go early to make dinner, that the sister missionaries were coming over later to visit them! He is in the middle of our area! and their area is bigger than my area and the other elders area including Council Bluffs combined! Yet they come in and "take our stuff", I really don't mind too much and I am kind of like, "whatever it isn't a big deal" but the other elders make it seem like they are evil and will never change, but whatever. Either way the Elders and sisters are both at fault, when it goes down in district meeting tomorrow.
             Thursday we had a full DAY! We taught a total of five lessons which is good considering we had to go out to the church to pick up the greenie and drive around with him and take him to a lesson and then back again. However it was cool having three of us in the lesson I really liked it, we committed her to be baptized and this week we find out the results of our commitment! We talked to the less active up above and helped him with his math, a total Travis, and it was sweet I have discovered three things
 1. the gift of mathematics 
 2. the spirit literally bringing all things to my remembrance
 3. you can't have the spirit to teach if you are not in your own area
 So we had some sweet lessons and I think our LA is getting the difference the spirit makes in his life.
              Friday weekly planning and deep cleaning. I didn't get any lessons that day, it was just off for us but we had a good time planning for the next week.
              Saturday we got four lessons and got two new investigators and had stake conference, it was sweet I love meetings! Look up the 14th Article of Faith* but let me correct it by saying I love meetings when they do not interfere with my proselyting time. 
              Sunday, a great continuation of the last night"s  stake conference they stole a man from our mission presidency for the stake presidency so it was sad but cool. So I got to hear more from President Weston and Sister Weston. We had a good meeting with a LA who we are going to get to quit smoking and come to church. The guy from Monday who we had a sweet lesson with  is progressing and next Sunday we are going to find out if he decided to be baptized or not, so we are praying for our investigators to do the right thing and we got another one to commit to church.
The Work moves forward and I am doing much better. I am loving my time here and the people's food.
Elder L.J. Draper
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

*We believe in all of the meetings that have happened, all tat are currently happening and we believe that there will be many more great and important meetings pertaining to the kingdom of God.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More Pictures finally

With the missionaries in my area

Bedtime! (thanks to Janine Averett Hatfield on NOM Moms)

Itali, a dog of one of the less actives

Nebraska storm

More of the storm

Now I'm just trigger happy about this storm
Giant Black Squirrel, they are seriously huge here

New Corvette I found

Side View

And the back, looking nice

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sister Bates ran into Elder Draper

Elder Draper and Elder Johnson having fun preaching the gospel

Elder Draper bumped into Sister Bates, who posted these pictures on NOM Moms on Facebook. Thankful for the technology to see the missionaries.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Big letter and the last week of transfer one

Dear Family and friends and others
         I am doing well I had an interesting week So I can't remember if I told you about pday so I will sum it up. We had dinner with a part member family the dad and the boys are less active and it was good then we went and visited a less active and I helped him with homework. Tuesday we had trainer trainee meeting and it was good, we learned a lot though I did not like it as much because it took time out of proselyting. Well we went and got our car checked out there is more damage than previously thought but it is really okay and I am okay, I am not hurt and hopefully that lady can join the church! Wednesday we had zone training, I again dislike meetings and missionaries and the linger longer mentality they all have because they think because they have an hour for lunch they can stall leaving doing, "car inspections" and then make it two hours. We only did member visits which are good but the ward wants us to give help, ' yes awesome, here is some food now go do your own thing we don't care just go amuse yourself finding people, I don't know anybody who wants to hear the best message ever!' Thursday we got traction, we got a member present which was so powerful, then we met with two other investigators and it was a good day! Friday we had a hard time finding people but we tried and it was good and I like the cool weather we have now! Saturday another good day and a funny experience. So we vistited with some people and as we were leaving the projects we were going to our car and some huge tall black guy stopped us and was way drunk and ya he was all over the place, Heavenly Father was protecting us because he started out mad then he got tangent sidetracked and ya it was weird then he wanted to talk to our Boss, (Elder Paonesa) and so ya we let him talk to Pao so ya. Sunday was good we got some referrals and we have some plans for the week which we think might, just might work out! So that sums it up I love you all. They are trying to rob me of my computer time the lazy jerks so I need to end this bye I love you all

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Big letter this week

Dear Family and Friends, and of course other interested parties who I never hear from 
        This week was interesting, Monday night we went and ate a delicious dish called ceviche as I likely stated well I thought I would again note that when I send a letter home I will send my recipes. ;) 
         Well we will really begin on Tuesday, we had district meeting and it was good the Elders kind of hate the sisters as they like to invade our areas and take investigators and less actives so it is a tad annoying, but I can't say anything because the sisters have not done anything to me and I actually find the sisters to be agreeable because they are kind and good with the members. Really the elders just hate them because they are getting fed more. Well we had something called Spanish conference and it is a meeting where all of the Spanish missionaries gather at the mission office/church and have a zone conference type thing in Spanish and it was nice we had one/two trainings in English from President Weston so it was cool. (We don't carry English bibles so that kind of threw him off.) We had Elder Jensen, the guy I came from the CCM with, and his trainer Elder Newmanschwander (I am not sure I spelled it right), who was Elder Johnson's MTC comp, so that was fun. We  didn't find any of our investigators on Wednesday, except for one guy but he only wants to learn English. We had the same problem on Thursday and we tried to meet with less actives and we meet with a set of twins who we are going to try to help them to quit their addictions so that is an adventure. Friday we did weekly planning and tried to find people and it really pushed us back and we couldn't find anyone still. Saturday we got a new investigator, the son of one of our investigator's so that was nice and we found another guy named Moses and it was cool. I discovered after our ward fiesta, as we went and played soccer and I played with some white kids, white kids suck at soccer! But it was still fun it helps that I am fast and I am working on my ball handling skills for when I run down the field, but I am not bad but I need some improvement. Sunday we had church and ward correlation meeting and we didn't even share anything because the leaders are worried about the ward being to clicky or grupitos. (I think that is spelled right but have Travis verify.) Well we had some great lessons I helped teach how to do a priesthood blessing and then after church we went and visited with the less actives who we are trying to help with their addictions. We had dinner with an awesome family, the Ortegas, and it was really fun. I am improving my language skills, then we went to visit our recent converts the Urquidez family and it was a really nice meeting until a gang fight broke out we had to go inside for a while in-case there was going to be a shooting and then once it was calm they had us get out of there as fast but inconspicuously as possible. Now for people that may be worried, I was in no immediate physical danger the Gangs apparently operate only against the other gangs if you are not in their gang you are basically off limits and they really don't like to come near us and they don't want to shoot us because the police will come. When normally if it is dark they wait until it is light outside. So I really feel bad for that family because it is a dangerous place but the Gang that rules their area seems very consiencous of not getting innocents involved. Well then today we played volley ball and on our way back a lady rear ended us and so we have to file a report, which isn't too bad. We are going to pass her info on as a referal so that will be fun. I am excited for the elders who get to teach her because she is a really nice lady and that is about it. Everyone do your reading 
Mark: Christ or names of Christ such as Lord, Messiah, Holy One of Israel 
           God and names of God 
          The atonement 
Circle: Heart 
And I would invite all of you to do this and see how much Christ is involved in the BoM and your life. And if you feel so impressed add something else to the list. I will sent vosotros (you) a picture of my BoM next week 
Love Elder Logan J. Draper 

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Big letter

Dear Family and Friends
         This has been an interesting, while at the same time mostly uneventful, week. I am doing better than I was before, though at times I feel nothing ever happened and at others I still feel that emptiness. This weeks letter will be less of what happened but more of how I have handled my difficulties and the lessons I've learned. 
         Well summary is I have crappy DLs (District Leaders) and ZLs (Zone Leaders) and they don't really like me. I have said things calling my DL on his crap in front of both of our companions and I have done so because he has been acting inappropriately and his comp doesn't bother to say anything to him, and my comp though awesome and knows what he believes doesn't feel like anything needs to be said or done. I understand from my different talkings with people that I can't change people and that I have to have faith in the ability of people to change. Fortunately I do, and that is why I let people know that something they may be doing is inappropriate. Most missionaries tell me that it isn't my place to say anything, and I will respect that I may have done things the wrong way and I need to develop more fully the attributes of a good leader, however I have been comforted by the Spirit in making me joyful in the work of the Lord and almighty God. First I have not had much a chance to study but I have been thinking about Abinadi. He was an example of standing for what was right. Everyone knew he was right, but as I have learned with missionaries as well that we don't take initiative to change and become more Christ-like because we are lazy and we don't like to be wrong and that to me is something that I find sad. Hermano Silva and Hermano Martinez have both said to me that when you think you have ever thing down just right you are doing it wrong because you are not allowing Christ to help you in the work. I know my weaknesses and I pray everyday to make them strong. The other story I have been doing lots of study in is the story of Nephi and my experience while reading was this and I felt down and like this sucks I'm doing everything I can to be obedient and teach and help everyone and I am letting the other missionaries say the stupid things that are just not quite right but they are not "breaking rules" well I was reading Nephi and I got a huge spiritual impression because we are always praying in our hearts when not on our knees. (Alma 24) Well I got the impression that I was my district's Nephi, not because I was or am perfect, or that I was or am better, but because I am the greenie and because I know from not having hardened my heart against the Lord and changing because greenie is a compliment it is a title or name I want to have my entire mission because if you are not green you are not growing if you are green you are still the mighty oak tree, if you are not green you are brown and dried out and ripe to be cast into the fire. I don't think God is going to make me a teacher over them but he is helping me to stay strong. I am still not happy in the mission field but I am full of Joy. My joy is in Christ and the gospel, I can feel the difference from working and playing I wish to always be working. 
            This next part is for my friends (family to but I write to my friends, however you may liken all things unto you.) You are seeing the beginning of my trials and afflictions in my missionary service, you are hearing about bad missionaries, but the truth of my belief is that they are not bad, they are the fellow servants of the Lord and they learning just as I am. Doubt not the church because of the actions of imperfect people but trust it by the fruits of the Book of Mormon. Read the Book of Mormon, study and ponder it. It is the most true of all books, and in and through it you will come to know Christ. I issue you all a challenge friends, family, interested parties, and everyone that reads this letter study the Book of Mormon. Read five pages per day and mark every time it says Christ or a name of Christ, every time it says God or a name of God, and mark the Atonement and everytime a symbolic mentioning of the atonement. circle ever time it says heart. when you do this you will be amazed at what you find. you will see how to bring Christ closer into your life. and how to become perfected in Him and harden not your heart against the Spirit of God. 
              Fun things from the week: we met with one of our less actives and she has a really cute dog named Italia I will send a picture it is the same breed as Anna Mathies' dog but she is the weird one of her litter. (you will understand) We committed an investigator to baptism and he will tell us today his decision, please pray for us. Um what else, oh it rained a lot and we had to walk a lot because we didn't have very many miles left. One of the members in my ward is a lawyer and he bought for himself an AMG (a Mercedes) and sufficeth to say I have felt how fast it can accelerate and I have been faster in that car than any other car I have ridden in though he wanted to go faster but traffic wouldn't allow it. The details of that are left for you all to look up and discover the more detailed facts that I can't, but it was fun and scary.  We have challenged many members to join us and do the reading challenge above.
               I have personally added some things from the missionary purpose, and I would invite you all to get a new Book of Mormon and do the challenge above and select one or maybe even two things you would like to improve or even learn about and add that to your list of things to mark. 

Have a fantastic week Love Elder Logan Joseph Draper 

Elder Logan Joseph Draper