Wednesday, July 2, 2014

HI I am in Mexico!

June 25, 2014
Dear Mom and every one else  
    I am doing very well my flights were both very good. I did not sleep on the flight down very much because I was talking to a girl about the church and it was really neat. I am not sure how much time I have here. My P-day is on Tuesdays. Please get as much information from Travis about meeting him at the temple so that I can arrange to meet him there. I am a little over whelmed an a little nervous because there is so much to do and I dont feel like there is a lot of guidance. I am very excited to be here I have so much I want to say, but the big thing is that God watches out for us he comforts us, and I have given a pass along type card, a card to the girl on my red eye flight. I met sister clawson, and she seems to be doing really good. I think I will need to go soon but I just want to say I love you, I will stay on for three more minutes
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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