Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The first real letter, ie the BIG letter

Dear family, and friends
        I am in CCM in Mexico City it is crazy and weird and definitely different. Here it is from the beginning:
Tuesday night/Wednesday: so I got through security at the airport and I met the other missionaries. there is an Elder Jensen who is also going to Nebraska. I was the first missionary to board the plane, I got my suit case in the overhead compartment then sat down in my seat, I was sitting next to this girl named Wittany Shelton, and I was soon joined by another Elder. I started talking about packing tips with them then I turned the 3 and a half hour flight into a discussion about the gospel and it was so awesome because she was very receptive, and I gave her a pass along card thing and my email, and she promised to look into the church a little bit so it was awesome. we landed in Atlanta then we grouped up to go to our departure gate for Mexico. some of us hadn't eaten and we decided some food was a good idea, I got a smoothie. then we came back to our stuff and we sat around for another long while, then we decided to get to know each other. more people arrived from other flights and we soon boarded the plane. I got on and I had a window seat. it was sweet. I took some pictures of the flight. it was great fun. I landed in Mexico City and I was freaking out about trying to get through customs, but it worked out despite getting the red light which meant my bags got searched. The bus ride from the airport to El CCM was sketch, but our driver was good, I got my books and my bags and my name tags, boom it was official. I unpacked then had to wait for my comp to show up. who is Elder Drennan. and then we went to bed, and it hit me. So send me more pictures to Nebraska everyone, like printed physical pictures, I need them! 
Thursday: I woke up a little bit late, but it wasn't bad, we have four guys in my room including me and my comp. breakfast was good and I ran into Elder Alder, he is doing well, and I told him to stop by my house to get his PMG. we had MTC orientation with our teachers, and then we went and got our money cards, and we got hangers for Elder Drennan and Elder Winn since Elder Drennan didn't pack any and Elder Winn lost one of his bags. We had lunch then some meetings, and in the one on dress and grooming they said no pins on the lapels since it would draw away from our message, ha ha ha it is the temple! we taught an investigator person, as a group and it was good. we meet our branch presidency, and I got Elder Alder his PMG 
Friday: woke up on time, at breakfast and went to class, Elder Drennan and I prepared a lesson to teach our first investigator. we taught Angel first because none of the other groups were ready, I ended up teaching the entire lesson since Elder Drennan couldn't say anything in Spanish. we did more studying after the lesson, and prepared our next lesson. Oh and I ripped the seams out in two pairs of pants that day, the first pair, I ripped out my crotch, the second I ripped out my legs but I fixed them. 
Saturday: I woke up at 6 and showered first. We got to class on time for in morning studying. we talked about the BoM and how we can receive revelation from it. we had our second lesson with Angel and it was much better, and I understood even more of what he was saying, the gift of tongues can be real! basically more studying and eating and studying, and it rains every single night about the  same time. 
Sunday: not necessarily very exciting we study while the Hermanas are in Relief Society, and they study while we are in Priesthood. We also had a district meeting, and sacrament meeting, I said the prayer on the bread in Spanish. We had our meeting or interviews with the branch presidency, I was with Pres. Tenorio and he promised to email Travis for me. I got out of the meeting then our district for some bonding time wanted to talk about relationships such as our current Boyfriends and Girlfriends so I pulled out my pictures of Paige and I and they oohed and awed. We then watched a devotional from Elder Bednar, and we then had a movie, and when we were done with that we were instructed to go to our district room and talk about what we learned. which was a total joke because the street had flooded, but we had to do it anyways so to put it mildly I got my shoes wet. 
Monday we taught Angel again, and we did more studying, and I have gotten sick. I have put myself on the bratty diet, and I am taking pepto bismo and tylenol and Ibuprofen. 
 Tuesday: today has mainly been lazy we have done our laundry, I am not ironing my shirts since the water here burns, and has stained part of one of my collars. sorry it has gotten shorter for each day, but the days are less and less exciting, oh one story, so there was this baby bird sleeping on the grass near the laundry room, while we waited for our clothes to be done drying, we shined our shoes at a nearby bench, and when time was up we went back and the baby bird was dead, and it was only ten feet from us. I am working on seeing Travis, I have been hounding people since the first minute I got here. my Spanish is getting better, though there is not enough time to do everything this is the big letter 
love Logan, Elder  Draper the younger
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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