Monday, August 25, 2014

The Big letter for this week

Dear Family and Friends, other interested parties are advised to stop here

I had an interesting week it went from great to okay to Hell 
It began when we got home from P-day stuff the DL (District Leader) was like "I want to start exchanges now" and I was like "what?" and yep so I was put with the DL's comp who is okay. He really doesn't like to work, he really just sits around and doesn't have great motivation. He really didn't want to study with me, just do his own things and that is good but he just made really annoying comments. Then when tracting, he didn't want us to stop and talk to people because he didn't want to bother them. Well I forced him to on one and it turned out this person was a Transvestite/Transgender thing and it looked like a woman, but you know it was simply weird. I taught and bore my testimony beautifully and I could feel the spirit telling me "great job you are speaking the truth you just rocked that" and then she/it was like "no I don't believe that". I was like "what?" and basically the spirit was like "it's her choice buddy don't worry about it we did what we could". So I am going to pass her as a referral on to the English Elders and say Good Luck. This actually was a really good thing because we were able to actually find a former investigator because of this other meeting, because if we had not talked to it we would not have found him because he didn't get home until five minutes before we knocked on the door. So God guided us in that effort, what looked like a dead end was really only a door. So we found some great potentials for English Elders but the real work of my area nothing got done. Well then we had zone conference on Wednesday and that was good and I really enjoyed it and I love the mission mom, Sister Weston, because she is super nice and fun. Well it was really nice because I was back with Elder Johnson. We didn't teach anyone that day. 
Thursday we worked and we had very little success as usual, because it is a hard area because you have to track people down and they are not always home and the area has been up and down, existing then not, because of odd transfers and so we don't have a lot of traction. 
Friday we did service for a LA (less active member) and that was awesome and exhausting then I went on exchanges but really just splits with the ZL (Zone Leader) and that was okay. He does not like me because I don't get along with the DL and his comp well. He chewed me out for giving them a correction the night before and I was not appropriate in how I went about it, but I didn't say anything wrong. I could tell he was, "doing his job." to the letter of the law but the spirit was missing. I don't trust him and really like him unfortunately. He said some other things to me which are down right rude, blunt, and shallow, and narrow minded, and it sounded exactly like talking to my DL. So he cares more about appeasing his friends than appeasing God. I really didn't like it because I humbled myself but he quite nearly killed my missionary spirit. Luckily my comp is silently on my side and he defended me from the other ZL and the DL and his comp so I still have a friend though pretty much I made enemies, which is hard but I will be okay I am doing my best, and I vaguely addressed it in my letter to president. 
Love Logan

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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