Monday, August 18, 2014

My first full week

Dear Family and Friends
        This week has been great I can't give the best run down because I forgot my journal but I will do the best I can. Well we have a couple more pretty solid investigators now. Though it was an interesting process of finding them, the first is Angel he isn't new but I think we might be able to make some progress with him. Second is we have two ladies named Leti and Maria and we teach them in their dress shop/women's apparel shop, basically if a girl wears it it is on a manikin, so ya it is definitely the most interesting teaching environment I have ever been in because they have people coming and going and my comp and I are the only two guys in the shop. So it is definitely an interesting experience to say the least, however it helps to have the companionship of the spirit because when we are focusing on the investigators we have super powerful moments and we have been able to give them both baptismal commitments but we still have work to do and luckily my greenie fire is paying off, though Johnson thinks it is just me and not necessarily the fact that I am a greenie. We are working with a man named David but he has been hard to catch at home, but we have had the opportunity to talk with his son and he has two sons who are old enough to be baptized and this is super cool because it went from having one investigator to having 3. And it really is cool because we know a family that has kids about their same age, so we will be able to help fellowship them into the ward nicely. And we have Saturday night soccer which is really fun and important, because our ward struggles with unity and so we are helping, as missionaries, to build ward unity and to be unified with the ward. And I love the members they are so awesome and we are seeing some amazing miracles that really are rather simple. So next investigator is a man named Rigo and it is funny because when we tried to contact him earlier it is when we bumped into that preacher. Well we tried to contact another potential and his friends answered the door and were like ya he left ten minutes ago which was weird to them because he never leaves at that time and we had no one left to try but Rigo and it wasn't quite time to go home and we both felt lets go see Rigo. Well we pull up and we talk to the man outside and he is Rigo's roommate and it just so happens Rigo is there and we teach him and we discover Thursdays are the ONLY day we can teach him and if our other potential had been home it wouldn't have worked out. And wow it was so cool to see the Lord's hand in that because it simply would never would have worked for us to ever find him but we also are next lesson going to hopefully teach his roommate as well. So that is super cool because we have more investigators and which means more things for us to do, and we also have less actives so now we can focus less on finding and more on finding while we teach and teaching when we find and not trying to knock doors all day which we practically have done and ya. In general things are going well, my mission funds card has not been working so I have been using my debit card. So it should be working now, which I am super excited about, I just feel bad about how often I had to call the mission office and talk with Elder Nelson. So I can't think of much else, oh we got a reference from an English member in Council Bluffs for this man who was super prepared and asking for the missionaries and super humble and prepared and "golden", he is not the "Golden," he sounded like. However, we are going to see if we can work with him because he has great questions he just doesn't sound super interested, but I'm sure we can change that. That is the summary of my week. We did have one other thing, Zone Training, it isn't bad it was rather interesting but one thing that sucked is: one of the Elders in my district, who we do lots of carpooling with because they only have 550 miles these three weeks instead of 700 so we have had to help them. Well he got us with some other elders in another zone and got us free lunch at Golden Coral and that was really nice, except we can't leave until he wants to leave and we lost track of time and if we had left when we said lets go we could have made it but being a butt he didn't leave with any haste and we missed it and so whenever they say exact obedience it will be that way and we are not going to let him mess us over with dinner appointments because every time we are with him he messes us over with being a sack. He is always you better be early so we get to this on time then he is always the one late. But I am working on loving him and encouraging him to do better, but unfortunately I am fighting a battle practically on my own my companion supports me but he values the other elder's friendship. I can't judge him because I don't know his story but lets just say from what I have gathered it is a miracle he is on a mission. I just wish he wouldn't drag me down with him but I know I am doing my best and that is all that counts. 
Love Elder Logan Draper 
P.S. The small and simple miracles are the best in missionary work because they can and do happen everyday.  

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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