Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The official letter part 2

Dear family and Friends and other interested parties
        I am doing well. We have had an interesting yet very boring day in the CCM. There are now only five of us from our district. :( It is sad because we are best buds, we got up at 2 and 4 to help our elders get everything to reception smoothly, and it was weird saying good bye because the CCM feels like eternity and you are really conflicted because you want to go, but you really don't because you want to stay because if things work out right it feels like a second home. Well, we did laundry and we started packing and everything is pretty good and I am pulling out my jeans to pack and lo and behold the most massive spider falls off my pants from right next to my hand. It was in my closet, it scared me half to death. We did some frantic getting stuff out of my closet before we sweeped (swept) it into a dust pan and took it outside. We then proceeded to have fun taking pictures of the monster. We killed it lo siento, NOT! but it was great fun. Oh and a little while ago one of our hermanas got a huge spider bite that blistered and I don't have pictures but pictures do exist and it is not pretty, but she is doing great now that she is in San Diego, or at least we hope. We are going to pack I don't have the Oly Elders picture but I will get it soon that is about all I can think of for now. 

Love your Son, Brother, nephew, cousin, grandson, whatever other relative I may be. friend, and potentially stalked person  
Elder Logan Draper
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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