Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pictures with my district, selfies, and much, much more

My district with our teachers
My District with our Teacher, apparently there is a purple theme
My District with our teacher
District with our teacher
, there is a bit of awkwardness. See if you can find Elder Fletcher

Selfie with Sister Hancock, seriously like a sister
Selfie with Sister Cannon

Selfie with Sister Collins

Selfie with Elder Drennan
Selfie with Elder Hixon

Selfie with Sister Brady

Selfie with Elder Gessler

Selfie with Elder Romney

Selfie with Sister Garner

Selfie with Sister Hueffer

Selfie with Hermano Martinez
Selfie with Hermano Juarez

Scripture case I bought in Mexico with Captain Moroni
This is the back of the case with my name and mission (that way I won't lose it)

This is the side of the case
Elder Manning and Elder Draper

Selfies that got photobombed by the pretty sister

Photobombed selfie, I think that hand shouldn't be coming out of my neck.

Cucaracha in our classroom
Spider I found in my closet (I'd much rather a person, I think)

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