Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What the Transfers!?!!!

Dear Family and Friends
       This was a crazy week for us in Nebraska, for those of you who understand missionary lingo and lifestyle you will understand why, if not that is okay just pretend you do and it'll make sense part way through and if you don't get it period it is okay I can explain, explanation we are crazy. ha ha ha ha hah
           Well Monday was a weird day because I went and was emailing and I was like Hi family I will probably be in Lincoln and ya Elder Sharp is going home and I just get to sit tight and watch transfers go by, well not exactly I decide to read President Gardner's email and it is like, thanks for helping Elder Sharp stay focused till the end oh and by the way make sure everything is updated in your area book I have some last minute changes I decided to make to transfers and I was like Oh no Oh no oh NO! changes transfers, we're getting white washed! So I start freaking out the rest of the day but we still party and I am like buy milk and get transferred not buy milk and have money to buy milk next week????? not buy milk I am getting transferred so that is what went through my head on Monday
          Then Tuesday I was like well I should follow the normal schedule until I am notified to start packing and well I was like, "oh study time I Love you and I love my scriptures and Oh cool thing mark that and Oh ya that is a good Idea maybe I should write that somewhere,... Oh what is that weird noise coming from our phone it is study time our phone doesn't make noise during study time oh wait that is President Gardner's Ring tone," so ya that was my thought process more less and Elder Sharp answers and President Gardner is like I can't wait to see you tomorrow for our interview and then He was like give me to Elder Draper and I was like, "uh oh, I don't get phone calls from President this doesn't happen to me, I didn't do anything." Hello Elder Draper can I give you a new assignment? "of Course president (What is he talking about, I'm not training, what is he talking about?!)" I would like you to be a district leader in Grand Island can you fulfill that assignment for me? "ya of course president (Huh? District leader GI😕)" I am expecting great things.... so I was like huh that isn't normal and Elder Sharp was like and you thought you were off the hook, and I was like "(you set me up you told him to make me a District leader didn't you?!😒)" but it was good, we went to lunch as a break from packing with our Zone leader Elder Powell, Elder Smith was made and AP so ya that was crazy and I got to see my District and it is all sisters, Wooooo I have a 'Sis'trict  which should be sweet, all I have to do is baptismal interviews solve problems, be a friend present training's and inspire them and do one exchange with the Zone leaders, other than that I am off the hook! So that will be fun.
        Wednesday we had the actual transfer thing we sent Elder Sharp up to Omaha super early in the Morning then I got to hang out for anther hour or so and I got loaded on the transfer van and we got on our way. Well partway through the trip the APs got a call saying um well we just sent Jensen to Lincoln we didn't realize he had to be in Omaha this morning and they were like What! so long story Short Elder Jensen (the Spanish Elder I came out with) was supposed to go to Omaha Tuesday night to be able to get to Sioux city by the afternoon, but they didn't realize that till later so they sent them towards Omaha and the APs said tell them to stop in Lincoln and we'll just pick them up on our way back to Omaha so they turned to me and said well looks like you get to have a nice car trip. So I went out to Grand Island and then back to Lincoln then I got with Elder Davey got our Car and Drove all the way back to Grand Island! So I spent about 4.5 to 5 hours in the car on Wednesday munching on Easter treats and drinking my Aloe Vera drink. We did service for the Abshers the family we are living with and then we tried to find some people and I unpacked a smidge
         Thursday I finished unpacking and we tried people but it was just a crazy odd off day with having me new and Davey who is brand new still kind of going Uhhh who should we see um this person but it was still a good day. We also had some phone issues and some missionaries were texting us saying we are in your district so can you do a baptismal interview this day? and I was like huh? I have the York sisters and the YSA sisters but I don't have the North Platte missionaries, well come to find out somebody decided to play number swapperoo on me and it was the YSA sisters after all so it worked out. 
        Friday we did a super long weekly planning to introduce me to the area but ya then we got to teach a lesson to  a part member family which was sweet!
          Saturday was a little more productive we got some good lessons in and we committed people to come to church since it was Easter and that is a good reason to come. In the Morning we also played basketball at the church with some members and their non member friends and the sister missionaries were there and one of them was like I am going to make my dream team and I got picked (ha😅 it was funny me part of a dream team which was funny because we actually won two games in a row) then we did service at the Grand Theater for their free matinée  and that was fun I learned how to run a cash register 
          Sunday I wrote my talk for sacrament meeting and no I did not procrastinate I was just busy before but I got it done! we had a sweet branch council meeting both Brother Leal and Presidente Rubio speak English so anything we can't explain perfectly in Spanish they can ask us clarifying questions in English. and then we had some appointments and then had Easter Dinner with the Leal family and they are sweet
           That is my weekly report.
He is risen #Hallelujah!

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