Thursday, March 10, 2016


Wow crazy things
       Monday we did another tour of the Stadium (Memorial stadium) that was amusing not much new stuff basically they have put tons of money into this college football team and it isn't as good as it should be. We taught a guy named Benito and we had a good lesson but then he interrupted us saying, I don't want to learn this new stuff I haven't been learning anything from the catholic church but I want you guys to teach me from the bible but not anything new. and he also said he couldn't change and I looked at him in the eyes and said do you believe in Jesus Christ, do you believe in God then don't you dare blaspheme his atonement by saying I can't humble yourself and realize you can do all things through him! He was taken back and tried to mutter and toss excuses out like well I can't not be catholic my girlfriend and I are catholic and my family is catholic and......... so then we wrapped up our lesson and we are giving him one last shot
      Tuesday we had Elder Royal with us he is super cool the ZLs are "babysitting him" is one way you can say it but basically something happened in his last area and he got put with the ZLs because of stuff but he is a super good worker and he was on top of things too. I think he is a sweet Elder. we did service at the center for people in need this is also the day I got sick and I moved 2-3 pallets of boxes by hand and I was exhausted after that we watched a security guard take down a worker who hit him because he wasn't paying attention to her (smacked him across the head, and he is a former Marine). that was funny because it led into a discussion of language (the security guard started speaking Spanish and we started talking to him) and then we got to explain a little of what we do as missionaries after we went and had Dinner our appointments cancelled except Wilfredo so we went and saw him and it was a decent lesson but we are probably dropping him soon if not this week.
         Wednesday was pretty good we saw our member who has quit smoking and we are helping him to learn more about the Book of Mormon and it is going well he is progressing! we also did service at the people city mission that was good we had fun organizing stuff and keeping them running we had dinner with the Carlsons and that was fun we gave a present to their son who turned 12 of a minion pillow case and minion peeps and he loved it and then we took Joseph (the 18 year old) on a team up and we had a good lesson with Norberto Malagon and we are hoping to see him soon He was supposed to come to church but he didn't make it.
        Thursday we had everything blow up in our faces pretty much. We did have a good zone training though we learned about the new Easter initiative and it is going to be sweet (apparently) the cards look super cool probably the coolest they have ever been so ya #Hallelujah for this year. We did get to see one less active Marvin Florez and that was good we talked for a bit and basically it turns into his vent session while we try to share gospel principles with him and ya it was not super effective but we are hoping to get better.
          Friday we did weekly planning and that was good we had a ward party which actually (not including the missionaries) was a high priest social with families so ya it was crazy and sad we had four families show up we also had all of our appointments cancel
         Saturday we actually got to see people but we only got two less active lessons we had some good contact though with people we also dropped into a less actives yard sale and I bought Sunday shoes for 5 dollars which will save me since one of my pair is falling apart
            Sunday was Super weird we had five less active sisters show up with one active so six sisters and no brothers just us we were like WHAT?! all the priesthood just evaporated or something?! so we are going to be doing some real pushing this week to see if we can't for once have the full Spanish group there in attendance we also saw Maria Ninninger and that was good we called her to repentance for not praying and she is so confused because she is "Catholic" ha well then the Mormon's come over and they come prepared to answer her questions as if they are inspired of God 😇 ya well that was fun she will figure it out soon.
           and that was my week in a nut shell and I hope you enjoy my rambling

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