Monday, March 14, 2016

Exito and Spring

This week has been fantastic and I think things are awesome!
        It may just be the weather but things seem to be picking back up.  Monday we had fantastic weather and we drove with the windows down all day we played Chair soccer which is everyone has a chair and that is their goal and the point of the game is to hit everyone else's chair with the soccer-ball and once you have done that then they sit down and are out and the goal is to be the last one standing but if the person who got you out gets out then you are back in, I didn't win but I did come very close by knocking everyone down but one elder and he got me so the game didn't end. We visited with the Quirino Family and that was good we had a good lesson with them and kind o helped them to know how to set some goals so they can keep progressing and it is self motivated and driven so that was good their boys Leo an Kriss are so cute and funny they love to come and interrupt and be involved in everything their parents are  doing.
         Tuesday was fun we had exchanges with the Zone leaders so we got to do some double teaming their area. I was with Elder Powell the highlight of that would be having found a less active member who lives in the middle of nowhere tell us I like the church but it just isn't compatible with my lifestyle right now and I asked him what his lifestyle was and he said some things and because I have been becoming accustomed to being bold or osado as we were told to be at Spanish conference I said almost out of reflex "well that's stupid especially since you know those aren't good for you," and he said but I like it and I responded, "well that is because you're addicted and that is why you like those things," and he was like no I just like it and I said, "well it is psychology you can't do those things and not be addicted and I was like come on man" and I was smiling and laughing, not being rude and he just stood there for a moment and he was stunned that I would be so bold and finally he responded muttering, "well she lets me," signalling to his wife and I looked at him with the Really?? look and his wife then turned and gave him the same look and we said our goodbyes and that was that he was left to feel like a fool for arguing that some of his behaviors were fine and even his wife knew they weren't good so I think he'll turn around here soon.
          Wednesday we had a good lesson with a less active Luis Escribano and it was cool because his wife who doesn't speak Spanish sat in and so we are going to have to work on our Spanglish teaching skills for next time. we taught this guy named John we knocked into on his doorstep and it was funny because we had a team up and he stepped out and there were three guys dressed up on his door step I think he was waiting for us to say we were the police but we aren't
           Thursday was sweet we had a day long team-up with Joseph Carlson to let him see what we do all day he is a senior and it was his spring break and he didn't want to have dinner with the sister missionaries (they were mean and scary or something they are high energy and Joseph is mellow) we did studies and then he went to track practice and we had district meeting and then we had lunch at honest Abe's which was decent and because there were so many of us including our zone leaders they gave us the conference room so that was cool. we did splits in the evening and I was able to teach Maria Ninninger with brother Beck and it was a good lesson we solidly committed her to coming to church and she has stopped progressing so we might have to drop her then we had a fast lesson with Norberto and Brother Beck set him for the 9th of April so that was sweet! and after the lesson Brother Beck said that of all the Missionaries that I am for sure one of the best teachers he has been with on splits that it is easy to follow my lead and see where I am taking the lesson and that I keep things on point and sincere and down to earth for the investigators so that made my day and maybe even my week except my week just got better than having my ward mission leader say he like my teaching.
          Friday we taught the Camarena family and that was and adventure because it took us an hour to find their new apartment  but we had a good lesson and they are such a good family they are just going through lots of struggles. We had a dinner appointment that fell through at the last minute and we just skipped dinner and went to try people and we were knocking and we knocked the first door and the man said come back Monday at 7 I am eating then we knocked the next door the guy was freaked out two white boys in dress clothes and he said we could come back Monday at 8 then we knocked the next door and this lady named Jessi answered and let us in and we came in and there was a former potential named Sandra sitting on the couch with her boyfriend we sat down and started talking and they thought we were the JW and were like nope not us we use the normal bible and they were like oh well who are you and we explained things but we started sharing the restoration and really got a good focus on families and come to find our Jessi and Sandra are sisters and the man who was confused  who said to come back at 8 is her husband so we are already set with a return appointment! and that was sweet
           Saturday we got in with three people which seems to be our highest amount a day this week but it was good we saw the Orozco family and we had a sweet restoration lesson and brought them to  a remembrance of their former spirituality and the need they have to turn to God and Find peace and so we hope to get them coming to church regularly and maybe even handing them over to the YSA ward We saw Martin Serbin his whole family is JW and he was scared to have us come back and he was praying in his heart asking God to show him what he wanted him to do and he stepped outside to smoke and at that same time we showed up and that had not been our plan he cancelled for 4 and so we planned to go at 6 but we went at 5 because that is just the way it worked out and we were sent there at the exact moment by God and he knows it and we know it and it was sweet then we saw Wilfredo and we had to drop him because he wanted to bible bash and that was no fun so we said read this chapter in the book of Mormon pray about it and if you want to keep visiting  with us you need to call us. 
             Sunday was great but Elder Sharp didn't feel well so that was the end of our week
           Lots of miracle and people are accepting the invitations to come to Christ #Hallelujah!

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