Monday, April 11, 2016

Week one done Week two bring it on

April 4, 2016
Dear Family and Friends
         Missionary work is crazy! if you have read my letters, served a mission yourself or have talked with one about what they do lately you will discover we are crazy and I am no exception, so why do I do what I do, well you could conclude by my own statements that I am crazy or you could be more logical than me and realize I am not crazy (clinically) but none the less here is the awesome rundown of this past week.
          Monday was awesome! We started a new Book of Mormon challenge as a mission. this is almost identical to the one we started when I first came our we are focusing on Jesus Christ his names titles and attributes, then the Doctrine of Christ  and what The Lord says, IE thus saith the Lord "......' so that is going to be awesome so far it is. Well that night we taught the Arviso Family and it was awesome we taught the plan of Salvation and they felt the power of their need as a family to follow God and the husband Xavier isn't a member so he is now praying about baptism, and we should be setting him for a day soon
           Tuesday was a blast we did service at the Stuhr Pioneer museum stacking wood for their wood piles and that was fun we got to use a golf cart thingy with a trailer and they let us do that because we stack the wood better than their employees so ya we are neat and organized even in simple wood piles. So we tried hard all day to find people but we did get one short and brief lesson in with person about god being their loving Heavenly Father and we got a return appointment!
           Wednesday we had a good day we got a new investigator family they actually live in Kearney but they are staying here in GI since they are working here in GI and their friend who owns the trailer is going to be on a trip for a while so this is a cool miracle for us. We tried super hard all day do contact people but most everything fell through
           Thursday we had District meeting and it went all right I could have been more simple in my training but I got nervous so I complicated things more than necessary and I will do much better next time luckily I have a week off with district meeting. Our trainings were on how the Gospel blesses families and simplify the Restoration and also apply it to teach different principles. So that was  awesome. We did splits with the Zone leaders in our area before they had to go to Omaha for MLC (mission leadership council) #NotDLProblem so that was fun but we still didn't teach any lesson even with covering twice the ground. That evening however was awesome! So first we saw an investigator Family Eugenia and Pepe they are Cubans and they are super kind and loving people Elder Davey thought we needed to drop them and the Branch counsel wasn't opposed but I didn't think it was the best idea but we planned that out as our lesson, and so we were establishing our purpose and teaching the restoration and as we got to the great apostasy their was a disconnect in their minds and I said somethings simple super simple but super key, "their must be twelve living apostles in Christ's church" and they were like Huh?!? and I repeated it and they were slowly grasping it and then we opened their scriptures and showed them in their own bible where they called Matthias to be the thirteenth apostle and who Christ's church was built on the foundation of living apostles and prophets and evangelists and so forth and they got it and they realized what we have that they don't have yet and so we set up to go back on Friday. Then we saw the Arviso Family again and they are progressing they read their assigned chapter and Xavier knows he wants to and needs to be baptized and we doesn't know what day but we are going to set him again and then we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they are starting to grasp how they will be blessed as a family and it was awesome two fantastic lessons back to back.
           Friday we went back and had a sweet follow up lesson with Eugenia and Pepe Gonzales and we showed them how to find GC so they could watch the Saturday morning session in their home and that was sweet then we set up a brief return appointment for Saturday after the session.
          Saturday was awesome the session was tailored to them and Eugenia watched it and loved it and then that night she found the Women's session and watched it!
         Sunday they came to the morning session and they again loved it and asked if we could put a copy of the family proclamation up on the wall in her daycare and yes we can just like elder Nelson said just ask the missionaries so they love this Gospel they aren't even baptized but they see how these teachings of modern living apostles and prophets will bless the lives of those they are about
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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