Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New PHONE!!!!

February 22, 2016
Dear Family and Friends
        This has been another week of Crazyness here in Lincoln Nebraska so to start from where I left off Monday we saw Marvin and that was good he is making plans to start coming back to church he is trying to see if he can work second shift so he can guarantee Sundays the good news is it sounds like it is going to happen
        Tuesday we sent our emails! and that was good the library we went to was smaller and so we had to do things faster to accommodate the incoming crowd of senior citizens our fellow Elders ha ha! we had a couple of good lessons we had a good lesson with a sister who went less active right after she had er baby (which makes total sense) but we talked with her and shared how making her home more Christ centered would help her children then she brought up her husband who was less active and we were like yes (because we had received an assignment to visit with him) so we got an appointment set up! We saw our member who was quitting smoking and he has quit! and so we had  a good lesson with him about enduring to the end and he was like I don't know what I need to work on next and we were like we don't know either then two minutes later out of the blue he said I don't know why I need to read the scriptures I've read them before, he even had the audacity to say that the war chapters don't apply to him and we were like ya they do and we we taught about that and so we are going to teach him more about the scriptures and their importance coming up here so he is progressing awesomely! we had Dinner with the Campbell's and that was good we talked about brother Campbell's mission and how giving directions was a joke and then he asked me a question about something in salt lake and we all had a good laugh because he did the same thing he said the people where he served his mission would do. We then went on a team up with brother Beck and that was good our first appointment was with a less active who's boyfriend isn't a member and that shot down super fast and it was sad. he was like ya we are  going to start going to this christian church my sons bus driver invited us. which made me scratch my head because She (the less active) gets the kids and he is catholic so that was kind of an awkward moment. We then saw Wilfredo and he behaved himself we had a super good lesson he tried telling us how his church which he was baptized into when he was fourteen (in the seventies) had an apostle but he wasn't and apostle when he joined but ya it was weird but he did again recommit to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it.
        Wednesday we did our studies and then we got our New PHONE!!!! ya so we spent a little bit setting that up then we went to the people city mission and did some service and most everyone behaved they didn't destroy anything, we went on a team up with Joseph Carlson and that was good we told him he didn't have to fellowship the sisters investigator even though they were trying to set that up (she is 14 and 6foot 4inches) and Joseph is 18 and 6 foot something but ya still shorter than this girl so it was funny because Joseph was freaking out and we were like really if you feel uncomfortable just say know she won't even be date able to you when you get home so let the sisters get the YW involved and all will be good. but after that we had to go to Columbus to pick up the Elders there (1.5hr car ride) because they got in an accident and would need a ride to District meeting so we stayed the night there.
         Thursday we drove down from Columbus changed from pjs to suits and had district meeting we went to Super Taco for lunch and that was good  we got our stuff unpacked after that we had dinner with the smith Family and I discovered That I am related to sister Smith she is a descendant of Archibald Gardner so that was crazy I have a 3rd cousin in the ward!  ya our plans fell through that night so that was great
          Friday we went  Council Bluffs and I got time to study and we stopped by the mission office to pick up supplies on our way back I was so glad I was wearing a short sleeved shirt it was super nice weather we had one lesson with Wilfredo and that was a Joke he said he didn't read so we read with him but he really had read and was setting up a trap for us and so we were not happy but we weren't mad but it was an awful lesson we will probably have to drop him.
            Saturday we had a good lesson with Maria Ninninger and that was good we read the family a proclamation to the world with her and she has had a lot of family problems and so this helped give her a little comfort (we hope) and we had Miguel (an investigator) walking down the street away from his apartment at the time of his appointment so we are kind of sad about that he is probably getting dropped to
            Sunday we had some good meetings a small Spanish turn out but we didn't get any lessons but we did get the Quirino Family's new address they moved into the pioneer ward which is sweet they are only one minute from our house. I love you all have a good week

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