Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Zone Conference

Dear Family and Friends 
        This has been another good but not super eventful week here in Nebraska in Lincoln (the Capitol) This past Monday was mostly uneventful we did our own things avoiding basketball trying to make it less of a have to and more of a if we want to. We explored a little bit of down town and I got my big maps laminated because I didn't want them to wear out (they had a couple of tears on the fold lines. we had two good lessons one with Marvin a super cool kid (though he is like 26) we started teaching him the plan of salvation since that is where most of his concerns are ( and we had taught him the restoration like 10 times and he hadn't fully let it click) so it went well and then we saw Wilfredo and that was a long lesson as usual but it was good he still wants to learn/take the lessons but he isn't willing to commit right now to baptism at all.
        Tuesday we tried seeing people in the morning and that was disappointing as usual almost no one is home in the morning we went to the Center for People in Need and helped out there they had us standing around for a while with nothing to do but we found stuff to keep us busy we had a good time keeping the tables stocked with stuff but we left early to go to our dinner with the Becks we tried to see people the rest of the evening and no one was home so that was a bummer for us but we had a decent evening anyways.
        Wednesday we had our Zone conference which was good we learned a lot about the Atonement and how it applies in our lives and how to teach others about it. lots of our discussion centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Sacrament and how everything we do in the church from home teaching to missionary work to temple work is all based on the Atonement of Jesus Christ which is the center point of his Gospel. We won after that the cleanest car award it was judged by the mission office car people for having a 2012 car and having it in good condition and clean we got 50 extra miles the Pioneer sisters got second and the Columbus elders and some sisters tied for third so ya it was fun! We went to the People City Mission and Volunteered there and that was fun and crazy the people just went after the food we were told not to limit it to much so ya there was no limit on bread and man people can be uncivilized when they are in need but you can still feel of their desire for good. They just need the Gospel. We didn't get any lessons but we did have a good time driving around Lincoln with our Team up Joseph Carlson
           Thursday we actually got three lessons! we were able to see our member who is quitting smoking and he said I have 6 cigarettes left once they are gone I am done smoking and he slowly got rid of them so that it wouldn't be as cold Turkey we are seeing him today and hopefully he is still going strong. We saw the Quirino Family with the Sibbetts they are doing well we are supporting them in their callings in the Church something exciting is that they decided to move, but they are moving into the ward boundaries because the rent is Cheaper! So that is sweet for us because it will give them better integration into the ward and it will be so much easier for us to see them! We also saw Wilfredo again and that was good he is stubborn and he seems halfhearted sometimes but he is still reading and praying from his own account so he does want to know.
             Friday we did weekly planning which pushed our day back all of our appointments fell through again so that was frustrating but it was still a good day since we got our weekly planning done and out of the way. 
             Saturday we got two lessons but almost three. we were called early in the morning like 9 and we were told that the only people planning to clean the church was the Quirino Family and they asked us for our help so the Four of us cleaned the church, so it took forever though I don't think we did everything according ot our required lists. but we did what we could President Gardner and Sister Gardner said hi to me (they were there for a Baptism so ya we got caught cleaning the church. The Sister missionaries also gave us sympathy but they didn't help so psh. We got Wilfredo to the baptism and that was good he was fascinated by it and he is slowly, slowly progressing we basically taught him the Restoration and a couple other things after the Baptism we also saw Maria Ninninger which was good she has lots of questions but she is not really willing to act so that is sad then we saw Valdo one of our now active members and he is doing well we just help him answer a few Gospel questions.
             Sunday we taught a referral named Jose which was good he is another stubborn man married to a less active in another ward he isn't catholic but he believes in the Virgin Guadilupe so ya that was fun he is super church agnostic but he doesn't realize what is right before him and he isn't really willing to investigate and he Told us when we grow up we will find the truth and how we are too young to know for ourselves and I called him out and let him have it in a nice way using scriptures such as let no man despise thy youth from Paul etc. to say eternal truths are not know by age requirements etc.. and he took it well and it made an impression on him.  but all in all ite was a good week   

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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