Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas, Snow, and getting grounded

Dear Family and Friends
        Wow what a week it has been! Christmas is gone and I am officially a dead Sister missionary (Missionary Slang for I have gone home sort of thing ya Not really and Sister missionaries don't really die at the end of their mission). So that is Exciting I have less than six months left to be serving here in The Nebraska Omaha Mission.
         As for the run down of my week Monday was a little crazy we were only able to see one man, his Name is Wilfredo he wouldn't let us talk he wanted to more try to teach us and dominate the conversation so I tried to teach and tactfully take control I got in a record of Ten Sentences and Elder Sharp despite trying Got only ONE sentence so we are giving him one last shot before we drop him, it makes no sense to go and listen to someone Else Ramble when I can actually go help someone grow their Faith in Jesus Christ 
        Tuesday We got one lesson in in the Evening but the Exciting thing was we found a new place to do service through a less active it is Called the Center for People in Need it is awesome we Helped out for a while there a lot of Arabs work there to build a resume and qualify them for other jobs in the future so I am Hoping to learn a little bit of Arabic from them so they feel like I am truly interested in them. a peoples Language is the key to who they are and How they think. Oh and our lesson was amazing we all learned. The Family is a part member Family and the mom has been reactivated and the kids are recent converts and the dad is still working some things out but we taught them about spiritual gifts and it was amazing, all people have a spiritual gift that we can use if we have the spirit with us and we seek the will of Heavenly Father.
          Wednesday We saw another Less active and it was good we had a good lesson with him about the Why of Church the Why of Reading and the Why of Prayer and we did in such a way where he was teaching us but he did really well on explaining his reasons for reading and praying and church he doesn't understand it really so we know we can help him with that so we now know what to teach him next time 😁 later on we saw the Member who we are Helping to quit smoke and it was amazing He gave us Christmas gifts despite the fact he doesn't have much himself so that was cool and they were heartfelt gifts and it was a very sacred moment. 
      Thursday we Saw Three People! in one day it was awesome! well back track the less active member who didn't know or understand the importance of Church his wife who has avoided us out of I think embarrassment (she has been a member her whole life and she kind of rebelled and knows better so ya) she invited us over to dinner and it was a sweet dinner she cooked some delicious food we left full and we were able to share a good Christmas message WE also Stopped by an Investigator and we helped her shovel her driveway and talked with her a little bit and retaught her the Restoration focusing on the apostasy and Restoration and we hit it I think three times we review the apostasy and restoration in that lesson alone to show it from different perspectives and angles. so ya then we found Valdo. Valdo is a member who has been working out of town for the past month or so so it was  awesome we caught him home we hope to be able to catch him again and have him over for dinner at another members house the first of January but it was a good lesson
           Friday We delivered Gifts to our less active members a copy of the book Our Heritage and then depending on if they had kids or not the Movie The Testaments or Joy to the World so that was good it was a fun thing to do and I also Video Called HOME!!😁
           Saturday we had one lesson and we invited him to church and he didn't come 😢
Sunday we saw another less active we hadn't seen in a bit He is doing good he went down to Crete for church with his Mom and Cousins so ya that was disappointing but he should be coming back next week We Hope so those are my crazy adventures
We got our cars grounded because of the massive storm but we only got skiffs of snow and we got total over the course of the day maybe an inch to two inches so ya it was sad


Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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