Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas is Coming the squirrels are getting fat and people are getting grumpy

Dear Family and Friends,
      I am reporting on my super eventful and uneventful week so here is my letter as elongated as I will or can make it.
       So Monday we finished emails the computers went on the fritz before that though so ya it was annoying and frustrating but it was all worked out they thought it was this complicated problem but one of the Library people just rebooted the system and it went back to normal. We were planning for three super sweet lessons and we were hoping and pretty sure they would go through but sadly that was not the case we got only one and it was good but our investigator doesn't want to progress he is reading and praying he doesn't really fully understand why he needs to come to church or even why baptism is important so we are going to have to teach him some basic things again, He knows The Book of Mormon is true so that is a good start.
       Tuesday we shared the A savior is Born video with a member who is active our only really active Hispanic member so it was good to see him and the sad thing is he has to go back to Mexico soon to finish his citizenship process so that is going to be hard on us. We also saw a member who is struggling with smoking and he is progressing he told the Bishop a friend and his Home teacher of his Goal to quit smoking so that is super awesome I know he can and will quit he just has to keep going forward. We had dinner with the Cambell or Campbell family I forgot how to spell it but the cool thing is growing up he was Neighbors to Todd Summerhays my Physics Teacher in High school, and he has a quilt of all the High schools in Utah he has been in (He did cleaning out of schools to sell their old stuff to charter schools) and in the center he has the Olympus O so I will have to get a picture with this quilt. We also got to go out to eat ice cream with a less active and her non-member husband and it was a good time visiting with them we hope we might be able to reactivate them coming up soon, but to make the day better we went around downtown during our down time and tried to pass out a Savior is born cards ya people tried to avoid us so that was sad but it was still funny to see what lengths people went to to ignore us.
          Wednesday we had a good time we helped out at the people city mission they love us because we work hard and do what we're told when we're told we then ran to a members for dinner more like drove but the same idea we had a good quick dinner of Enchiladas we then hurried back to meet up the Elders in the Mahoney area to hand over an investigator family we had received as a referral we split up and I went to teach/find some  Hispanics that Elder Vagas knew of so we had fun driving around for a bit we then met back up and rushed off to meet up with the Elders quorum President to go meet with the Quirino Family that we found and teach them the missionary lessons.
          Thursday we were at the Christmas Conference practically all day so we left when it was dark and drove there in the dark and we drove home in the dark so it was kind of weird. we Had Navajo or Indian tacos with the Sibbetts then met up with a potential investigator named Wilfredo a very impatient man the first time we met him but he was nice and we shared with him most of the restoration and he had some misconceptions about who Mormons were so we cleared that up and it was good we hope to see him again soon we might have a hard time getting him baptized due to some barriers like most Hispanics but I have high hopes for him.
          Friday all we did was weekly plan and set up for the ward Christmas party, none of the people who are technically in charge showed up so it was lame we became the wards slaves but they gave us a ton of meat at the end.
       Saturday we did service had the shortest craziest exchange ever and went ot the adult session of stake conference
       Sunday pretty much the same had breakfast with brother beck and correlation meeting and then we had a sweet team up with Chelem to see a family he knows and it was super good we are going to have to set up a time to go back w then finished some weekly planning we didn't get to do because of Christmas party  and that was our week not super eventful but very meaningful

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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