Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas is coming, A Savior is Born

Dear Family and Friends and furry creatures,
         This week has been another eventful week in Nebraska. Monday we had two amazing lessons. The first with Grace and Jose, a couple. They are awesome, they have such great questions and are so humble and rely on God for their daily bread and they want to find the truth. We read Alma 34 with them and it touched their hearts, call upon God. Then we found a boy named Vladimir. He is 18 and has been in the United States for a very short time and he has visited with missionaries before, when he lived in Guatemala. He had questions about what we teach and we took him back to the basics and asked him about God and what it would mean to him, if he had a loving Heavenly Father and our conversation went deeper than but suffice to say he almost cried and he wants to change his life around Awesome!
           Tuesday we had some good visits, first with a member who is struggling with smoking and he was well I am not sure I want to start quitting today but maybe by my birthday I will be done smoking. So we were like well start today and he was like well if God sends me a sign and Elder Sharp and I looked at each other and said well we're a sign and shared some scriptures with him about asking for signs when we are already 100% sure of what the answer is and we are trying to excuse our behavior. So he realized what he was doing and is more determined to quit so we are excited for him. We also saw a part member family they are super awesome, they are just working out some legal things so the dad can get baptized They are super cool and super sweet. They are working super hard on being good examples to their kids it is awesome!
      Well Wednesday we had three awesome lesson, first a less active and he was super cool. He is setting a New Year's resolution with is wife, if all goes well for them to start coming back to church. We then did service at the People City Mission helping organize and unload stuff, so that was fun. I got to move lots of boxes and stack tons of bread and pastries, so ya so much food. We then had dinner with the Olivers who gave us some ribs type thing, it was super good and yummy. So then we went rushing to meet up with a member to go on team ups and we had a  good time we saw an investigator, Carlos. Carlos is awesome, he has already started to change his life around, "It just felt like the right thing to do" to some of the changes he made. He is super cool, we are hopefully are going to set and start preparing for baptism this week. So he will probably be baptized in January.  Then we caught a less active family, who had been at a family reunion in Arizona and it was good to see them. We committed them to daily scripture reading and prayer.
          Thursday we had Zone training and we learned more about prayer and making our studies more effective, and making sure we are actually planning the way we are asked to. Then we went and saw an investigator, she has so many questions and stuff. So we had trouble keeping it on track.
We all saw the new family with Brother Beck.
Friday, we did lots of weekly planing and talked to some drunk guy who wanted to interrogate us.
Then Saturday we finished weekly planning  got a good lesson in with the family we saw earlier. Sunday we got to see a referral and it was cool. They are sweet, Jarvis and Ali. So ya we are handing them over to the English Elders.
That is my week.

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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