Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

Dear Family and Friends,
        This is a New year:
                     New Faith, New Hope, New Determination, and New Purpose.
  My week has been relatively uneventful but I will share a few things I deem highlights. Highlight
#1: Sunday at Church we had a whopping total of Five returning members!A total of nine Hispanic members! We think we might be able to officially start our own repartee group IF we get a consistent group of Ten or more. We are hoping to make our group a solid ten before we go on but it was amazing to see the miracle of the change of heart and the determination the members are showing to take ownership to build their own group.
#2 We got to do exchanges so I got to go down to Crete and see some of the people that I haven't seen for a while. So I got to teach Mary and Dylan and Donna. It was a good exchange and all the lessons went well and are making progress in building their faith and diligence in the gospel.
#3 We made Papusas for a little get together with our Hispanics and it was good, because they are delicious and I know how to make them now. We had a good lesson with them to give them the courage to build the group and it got them to church!
        Well I don't know what else to share this week has been good and we had a few lesson. So I hope that we keep going up from here but the thing that has stuck out to me this week, especially from our district meeting, many of us have faith that miracles can happen but we don't have the faith to say that Miracles will happen.
          I am determined to teach our members and Investigators That miracles and the power of God is manifest in his Church. If we have the faith that miracles do happen. Have Faith! Pray to see miracles and if you doubt pray for the faith to see miracles!
          Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ lives so doubt not but be believing and next week I will report on more of our miracles as Miracles do abound in the work of the Lord

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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