Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Crazy, Birthday, more Crazy and God has a plan

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was CRAZY like really CRAZY we got nothing done like literally nothing! but we are still exhausted Ya Crazy!
Monday we met with Noe, one of our investigators, and it was a good visit. We read Alma 5 and he really liked it, so we challenged him to read the rest of the Book of Mormon to start and to find out more which is going to be awesome but he doesn't want to do much else, so that is sad.
Tuesday we  met with the member, who wants to quit smoking, and he really is progressing and starting to get things in his life set in order. He hasn't been reading his scriptures but he has been praying which has been fantastic. So we committed him to start reading the Book of Mormon again. He was super stubborn about that which was weird. So I testified of why I like to reread the scriptures and it seemed to click for him and to help him realize why, so that is cool. The power of testimony with the Holy Ghost is what changes hearts. We also got to see Marvin, one of our less actives. It is not entirely his fault he isn't back to active right now, the place he works has him on overtime for the Christmas season. So that is frustrating working seven days a week in December 😛 so we are hoping that will change soon.
Wednesday we had just one lesson with the Quirino family about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Brother Smith and it was good. We taught it simply so that they didn't have too many questions.
Thursday was my Birthday! We had district meeting, which was good. It was on weekly planning and how are priority is on investigators, which was super good but that was also annoying because our district leader is now a Zone leader and he was like ya you need to do this be focused on investigators and Elder Sharp and I were like yes..... but when you have 50 less actives why make more of a problem by adding to that pool. So we are going to have to balance out the work with the two groups. We then went to Poncho Villa, a Hispanic restaurant, and had really good authentic food and it was delicious. So we then went and did service with the Scott Family and it was crazy. We were just continually packing. Sister Scott and her mom were just packing box after box after box and we were just placing things where they went. So it was sweet we got mostly done at 9:00 and we planned to come back the next day at 10 for two ish hours to finish the job... ha ha
Friday two ish hours turned to more like six ish hours, but we got the truck packed and the family off on their way. We then rushed to our appointment, it was great we had a good lesson with them and they expressed concerns about something they wanted to learn more about so that was awesome. We found where their interests lie. We then went and met up with William, a member, and talked with him for a little bit about his sacrament meeting talk. So that is going to be sweet next Sunday is Spanish sacrament meeting.
Saturday we had weekly planning and we did that and we got a dilemma. I got invited to go to Seward to see Mary Flowers, one of my investigators from Crete, get baptized. Well last minute when we thought we weren't going to be able to go we got a cancellation in our schedule and that was awesome! I called the Crete Elders and they said, "Ya we'll see you there bring clothes Mary wants you to baptize her."
     So I had the privileged of getting in the water with Mary Flowers and Elder Barton and Baptize her. She said, "I knew you would come, you couldn't fool me." So it was awesome. I thought I couldn't go and had almost given up hope of going but God prepared a way. He had heard the prayers of His Children and He answered. I am humbled by my opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord's hands.
Sunday we had a long day and we tried to convince the sister Missionaries to Join us in singing songs for the next sacrament meeting in Spanish. We succeed with one song in Spanish so that is good, and we were able to see a less active member who told us, Elders I'm coming back to church next Sunday so that was Awesome
 God Lives and he hears the prayers of his Children and all we need to do is learn to listen to the voice of the spirit to come to know our fathers voice in the name of Jesus Christ amen

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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