Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving week

Wow! Thanksgiving is already past and gone, and on to the Christmas Season.
        This week we had not as much teaching success as we had hoped or planned for, but it was still a good week. Monday night we had exchanges and it was super cool. I was with Elder Kimzey who is being trained in Columbus and that was good. We had a fantastic night. The Highlights was this woman named Grace, she hadn't had the opportunity to read what we had left with her. So we read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with her and explained to her our purpose of inviting her to come unto Christ and to build her faith in Him and His Atonement and The Spirit filled the room. She felt it and she said yes that is what I want I want to grow my faith in Christ and we shared with her that the Book of Mormon with the Bible helps us to do that. So she accepted the invitation to investigate for herself.
           We then saw a man named Noe and it was a cool lesson with Noe because as he invited us in. He was listening to what we had asked him to read #awesometechnology so ya and we reread with him and pointed out some things that we thought were important. I have found that many of the Hispanics which I have taught don't understand why God gives commandments and why He punishes and etc... and they fear Him and don't really understand His love. So our lesson shifted and I asked him, "In what way does God love you?" He replied he didn't really know or understand and I asked him, "Why did you just tell your kids to stop fighting or they couldn't watch TV?" and he responded because I love them boom! How does God love you Noe? Like a father? Yes, that is why he is Padre Celestial (Heavenly Father!). So ya it clicked for him!  He is awesome. He makes super good sushi!
            Tuesday Literally all our plans went down the drain. So we went and did some extra planning seeing how we can't be more effective with our time!
            Wednesday we had two sweet lessons. One with a less active, who is going out to school at UNK. So that was sweet. I think he might be coming back to church out in Kearny, if the YSA (Young Single Adult Ward) sisters get some guy friends for him. Then we saw an investigator named Carlos, and it was a sweet lesson. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and helped him understand that Jesus Christ is the center of it all, and that he can heal us of all scars and pains both mental, emotional, and physical through His Atonement and redemption. Nothing is final until it is final #finaljudgement
          Thursday was Thanksgiving and it was awesome. We had so much food I was practically my own turkey. After that we also had freezing rain, so that made things fun but again appointments down the drain so 😛. But we did get to see some members of the ward, which was good! The cool thing was we bumped into a less active member, who we didn't know, in Walmart. We were grabbing some stuff and I heard a woman say Elder with a spanish accent and I responded Si and she said I am a member and I said, "Mucho gusto hermana" She was like, wait you speak Spanish and I was like yep, so she got super excited and started speaking with us in Spanish and she was going back to Mexico the next day but her son and daughter in law were staying.
                 Friday we saw two families and it was good. We had fun slipping on ice. My butt got a good wallop, but it is good now.
             Saturday we had a second Thanksgiving dinner and it was crazy one of the daughters invited her friend and they were just crazy. I felt like I was in high school again, so ya it was weird but fun I guess. Then we saw the family we found on Thanksgiving and we were like, wow this isn't a coincidence and we invited them to church.
               Sunday They Came! Their three kids and brand new baby girl, an awesome family! They had only been living in Lincoln for 10ish months. So they didn't know if there was anything for them in Spanish. So we luckily found them and that was my week, and today we have snow!

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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