Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Driving Glorious Driving

April 18, 2016
Dear Family and Friends
           This has been a fun week, not necessarily 100% productive but it was still good and I am excited to share some of the highlights with you. so to start out with last Monday we saw the Mahan family, from one of the English wards and they had us and the sisters and the other Elders over for dinner. Then we went over to our relief society president's house and visited with her for a FHE and then ended up teaching her son, He is your average teenager wanting immediate gratification but he is a good kid.
           Tuesday we tried to see some people but that didn't work out so at about 1:00 we headed to Sutton a small town in the middle of no where it was about an Hour drive to that town. we then tried to see some people and after a while we wandered into the library to see if they had a town address book, they have that in Lincoln but not there apparently but we talked to the Librarian a super sweet lady she said she was Christian but she didn't believe the bible stories to be true or that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and she had had LDS friends while she lived in South Dakota so ya we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited her to read it and hopefully she did and we will catch her when we go back to the town. Later we had a lesson with a part member family in the town and it was good.  We then hopped back onto the Highway and drove back to Grand Island or GI once in GI we had dinner and then saw our awesome part member family we generally see every Tuesday and we reviewed the restoration and recommitted them to read as a family Everyday from the book of Mormon so that the Jesus can get a testimony for himself.
              Wednesday we taught this kid named Santiago, basically we just keep knocking this door to catch someone and then someone new answers every time last time it was Herminda this time it was Santiago. So that was funny. Then we tried teaching people and it was one of those days where nothing really works out. Well we taught a lady named Mariana a less active who has had a lot of struggles and we testified of Gods love and how she needs to forgive herself to fully repent then right after that the sister missionaries texted one of them would like a blessing and they would be willing to meet us wherever they had to so we met them at the church and we gave the sister a blessing and it was one of those things that she didn't want the ward to know and the other Elders were out of town on exchanges so it fell on us. It was a super cool and spiritual experience to participate in that. That was the end of our day basically every thing else fell through
             Thursday we had a sweet district meeting and I trained first on being ourselves and developing our own talents and not competing with others. Then find when you teach and teach when you find or however it is said in PMG. So ya it was great the sisters loved my training and then we did some good role plays district meeting went a little over but it was all worth it! We felt the spirit and what more could you ask for. So we took lunch then tried to contact some referrals we had in our planners and we met a guy walking on the street said missionaries could contact him again and so we were like sweet send that to the sisters and that will be of note later. Then we taught a less active member who is just not coming to church and stuff but she is super sweet and we then had a dinner with an English member in the other ward, they used to live in Utah and so they have been here for about the same amount of time as I have so that is cool. 
Then we saw our part member family again they are starting to progress and we taught the law of chastity and it went over alright.
                Friday all of our plans got changed but it worked out we had interviews a little later than planned but it was all good we got to see the sisters and how the referral went and well they went back and one of the guys either our referral or his friend called the sisters Hookers so I was not happy when I heard that but God will deal with him in his own way in his own time. Leaving all Justice to God is the best way to go.  Well we then had lunch and that was good because it held me over the rest of the day. We had weekly planning then we went out and tried to teach people
            Saturday we tried so hard to find people but nothing literally nothing worked out and we ended up with no lessons but we did do some good contacting and got some new potential investigators and that was awesome! One guy was like thanks for the Jesus time boys and it was funny because his so called "atheist" friend actually asked for a Book of Mormon so that is exciting and no I didn't give him the sisters number (despite it being their area) I learned my lesson. Sunday we got two lessons in which was sweet. Possibly new investigator and the Lagunas Family the Lagunas family is awesome Hermana Lagunas has a sweet testimony she has just had to work a lot since she got divorced from her husband who already had a wife in Mexico and didn't tell her till after the fact but she is doing well and they are a cool family the kids are mostly active. We also had stake conference and I had to translate one of the talks and that was difficult for me because she was talking so fast and using a lot of story telling and idioms of English not to much but I was like slow it down. but that is my week in a nut shell/

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