Monday, April 25, 2016

Advertising English

Dear Family and Friends, and other people who may be reading this IE my Cats and Dog and
         other furry friends
    As the title states advertising English was a big activity and I will get to that later but for now I will start out with a brief description of the week.
      Monday was a good day we emailed and then went outside and mingled with the Sister missionaries in the Library parking lot. Sister Hall was being funny and goofy and Elder Davey made it better when out of the blue he said looking at his reflection in the car window, "I look so cool!" ya it was great. Sister Kelsey and I talked about the Spanish missionaries who have been ZLs in Sioux City while she was serving there, so it was a good time to reminisce on old times and enjoy the present. We got some things taken care of at the house then we went with the other Elders and played basketball at the church and ate pizza it was a good time, I am crazy compared to most because I am athletic and fit so I just zoom around the court like The Flash or Captain America. Most of our plans fell through like normal but we did get one cool lesson with an investigator and it was cool because we got his younger brothers to join in!
       Tuesday our initial morning plans fell through but we were able to go help out at the Stuhr Museum and that was sweet! We had fun and I got to run behind the Gator (a six wheeled Golf Cart for use on farms and stuff) and I was keeping up with it at one point and I felt like Captain America it was fun. Then we had our left over pizza with the English Elders and then we headed out and tried some people and we got a good visit with a less active member, she is as sweet lady and she remembers all the other missionaries from before and a few even from before me so that is amazing and cool she just got out of the habit of coming to church, she cares for her Mom with Alzheimer's and that is rough but the Gospel is helping her to understand what is going on. So we are going to be getting a team up to get her re-fellow-shipped. we were supposed to go to Sutton but that canceled which was a good thing because we got to sit down and eat dinner and it was nice. Our evening plans got crazy as usual with all the last minute cancellations we got.  It was sad but we did get a good lesson with the Arviso Family we re focusing in on Jesus with the nine year old son who is getting baptized on the 30th! So that is sweet! and hopefully he will be ready.
          Wednesday we went to the library and got flyers printed, we are starting an English class!!!! It is going to be sweet we spent a couple hours putting up Flyers on 4th street where there are a lot of Hispanic stores and Restaurants. We did find a new investigator.  He was a former investigator of the other Elders, he has depression and it is severe and so he was dropped due to the fact he became sick and couldn't meet with the missionaries, but the the teaching record says if he is doing well start teaching him. And we found him again and he is doing very well.  He has gone back to work and has a cute dog super friendly and big, (a black lab about as big as Daisy). We had a long conversation and he said that he has read the Book of Mormon four times and that he has also read through the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price once and he knew that the Book of Mormon was true.  He wasn't sure what to think of D&C but that it was good and had many truths he agreed with. So that was awesome and a miracle to find a new investigator.
                Thursday we had district meeting and that was good, the sisters in my district are fantastic for at least the hour and a half I see of them so ya it was good. We then went and had a lesson with Eugenia and she is being her awesome crazy Cuban self as ever and ya it was funny she is very mothering to everyone which will make Saturday great. But we go and have lunch and then we got tape to post more of our signs, so we went and got the rest of 4th street done and some other random Hispanic stores and Laundry mats so that was fun we got to talk to lots of people and most people seemed excited and happy that someone wanted to help them for free. Because everything else costs money and ya. We aren't even going to preach to these people. so ya. We did talk to one lady named Sandra who spoke English she is probably a stateside born Hispanic but she was super sweet and we talked with her about what we do as missionaries and she was very impressed by that and she was like ya I wish I could do what you do and we were like well in our church we believe that the best way to give back to God is by serving others so in our church we focus on serving and teaching others and we don't have a paid ministry and she was like okay that is cool.
              Friday we decided to take lunch after studies and before weekly planning and we decided to go to our new friend Sandra's taco truck and it was sweet she made amazing tacos and then she also had amazing green salsa with a hint of pineapple it was so GOOD!!! Then we did our weekly planning, basically suffice to say we are stuck in our basement room for three hours except for bathroom breaks but it is still long! we did some good attempts to find people but we didn't have luck, because most everyone scheduled for next week. However we did have dinner with the Lagunas Family in a Restaurant called La Flor it was pretty good it is actually the same place where they didn't have bread or rice so they redeemed themselves. Then we put up some more advertisements since we were in the neighborhood.
             Saturday was sweet! we did service out at one of the English bishops house Bishop Piper or Pyper quien sabe but it was good we helped him clean up his back yard and it was crazy. It used to be a farm and there was old metal tractor parts hidden around the lawn that we raked and we filled two pick up truck beds with stuff, sticks weeds grass etc.. so now he actually has one clear lawn. We again saw Eugenia and Pepe which was good Elder Davey got side tracked during a conversation and started thinking about food then when he came back to us he was super confused and Eugenia was like oh what is bothering you and he said nothing because he was fine but she was like no, what was it and he was like well I got side tracked when you said Pizzeria and she was you are hungry lets go get you food so she ran upstairs and heated up spaghetti and burritos and it was delicious and we ate well I finished but Elder Davey was like I am full and she was like you need to finish you can't be full you are a man and so she was like here I just had burritos I'll take part of your spaghetti and we will have a race to see who can finish first and well Eugenia whooped him and it was funny.  I lost it and we had a good time. Then we tried people and when that fell through we drove to Sutton and we had a good lesson with a couple who is part of the Alarcon clan (different Alarcon clan than the one in Crete) but still members at heart though less active so hopefully we can help them come back. Well we came back after that driving through the beautiful Nebraska plains the highest point was a bridge over some train tracks it was funny. We got back to GI and found a new investigator a woman with a disabled daughter named Luz or light she was so cute and funny, the Mom Sandra is going to be a good investigator. 
              Sunday we had some good things we saw Luis again the guy who had read the BoM four times he had questions for us mainly about Polygamy so Elder Davey answered those, Polygamy is a common practice in the Bible and is justified in the Law of Moses if God commands it to happen so it was funny to read in the Law where Moses justifies polygamy or at least God does since Moses only said what God told him too, so ya then we later saw and had dinner with the Lagunas family again but this time at their house since her boyfriend was there and we taught them the plan of salvation and we are going to review the restoration again so it was a sweet week!

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