Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Crazy! Zone Training, More Crazy! Then Crazy Me!

April 11, 2016
Dear Family and Friends this has been a fantastic week!
          I am going crazy things are just being awesome! And ya what more can I say than to you I will have say since I have not really yet said anything other than crazy, Nuf said. So starting with the Monday we bumped into a less active from another ward in Walmart and she was like I miss seeing missionaries and I prayed that I would be able to find missionaries today to talk to and we were like whoa and she was like ya I guess God was listening and we were like ya he is so, if you pray to find us you must understand the importance of who we represent and therefore will you permit the sister missionaries to come and teach you once again and she was like um no but I'll take their card so she took the Hallelujah card but she did watch general Conference 😕 go figure. Well after that we had fantastic lessons with Luis and then Eugenia Y Pepe. Well it was good Luis was seemingly (in my opinion) not to interested, he was working on a friends car when we showed up but it was a very good bold and loving restoration. the difference between bold and rude is BOLD is Being Open Lovingly Diligent while rude is just RUDE. Then we saw Eugenia Y Pepe and we first Helped them put up the picture of Jesus and the Angels and the Family proclamation I will send you all a picture of that once I get there with my camera. We had a good lesson about priesthood and the need for living prophets and apostles and it went super well it was awesome they accepted the challenge to be baptized.
          Tuesday was Crazy! We started out with service at the Stuhr Museum and we hauled a cut down tree away to where we are going to chop it into fire wood for the exhibits it is a cool place but we can't go this week. We then took lunch with the other Elders and  then tried to see people and we didn't get much done during the day but we did get some cancellations and that all worked out because we got one member present in the evening with Rosa Y Xavier and we also had dinner with them which was nice and we had a sweet lesson and committed them to live the word of wisdom.
             Wednesday was crazy we had zone training in Kearney and Zone Olympics. I conducted Zone training and that was good  we talked about the need to be Bold and to have Hope and faith that we can do what we have been called to do, our zone has sadly not seen any baptisms for quite some time and we are hoping to change that. The STLs (Sister training Leaders) Gave the training on staying motivated and working hard and it was good and I felt like that was going to come and it did just as I felt it would, I sensed the need for that in this area and I might mention it to my district again in our district meeting on Thursday. We then did the Zone Olympics and I didn't "qualify in anything" though I did all of the events but it was okay I am the smallest Elder in the zone like I am literally the bottom of the stack it is kind of funny and I am just barely in the Middle of the sisters so it is kind of funny too to see me in that group. We got back from Kearney late because of the Olympics thing which was annoying but it was fun we taught a good lesson to two new investigators Rogelio y Anna they are technically catholic but they don't go to church so that is sad. However they had good questions for us about what we believe we are hoping to teach them tonight actually. and after that we took dinner since we didn't take it when we got back from Kearney
            Thursday was awesome, one thing they told us to do was to invite people to be baptized in the first contact so that we can weed out the wheat from the tares and focus on those who will receive us and it was funny because a rejection is a "Flo-Jo" don't ask where it came from we didn't come up with the idea so ya we didn't get one and we gave out like three or so Copies of the Book of Mormon. we later met a less active girl who had crashed her car just before we found her so that was funny because we had a good lesson with her outside by her car and we have a return appointment! Then while knocking a door we got the quote of the week so here is the scene, we knock the door, dogs start barking and a kid maybe 10 looks through the blinds and then turns and Yells, "Dad some people are here GET YOUR PANTS ON." If I wasn't a missionary I would have lost it but I kept myself mostly composed. So that was a crazy thing, you don't hear that every day.
               Friday we did weekly planning and it was awesome and we got it done in three hours and then we got to teach this random lady named Herminda we had a return appointment with a guy named George and when we go to the house Herminda answers and says No sorry there is NO GEORGE that lives here and either her husband lied or she did so we were confused but she let us teach her and we will have to try back. We then went and helped out at silent auction for a member who needs a small intestine transplant. 
              Saturday we played basketball and then set up for a wedding of a part member family and it was good I have decorating skills and it was fun the relief society was impressed #MOM&SISTERS ya so that was great and that basically consumed everything but we got food out of it so that was good oh actually the pants thing might take second place because we went to go get tortas after setting up for the wedding and the waiter took our order and went into the Kitchen then he came back and was like sorry there is no bread, so no Tortas, and the member was like okay get these elders two plates of carne asada, and he went back and he came back and was like okay sorry there is no rice and at this point we started laughing and she was like fine get them some tacos and he came out and she was like, don't tell me there are no tortillas but there were so we actually ate there instead of taking our business else where but it was sad for them.
             Sunday was AWESOME, okay church is sweet I love the sacrament but what was cool was a part member family invited us over for dinner after church so we went and had dinner with them and started teaching/having a gospel conversation with the boyfriend and he set up for us to go back Friday and have an FHE so that is going to be awesome! We then taught Abel an investigator and invited him to pray with his wife (who wasn't able to join us for the lesson) to see if they should be baptized  so ya it was awesome!
Then we saw Pepe and Eugenia again they are so funny and they were trying to justify saints like they mediate with us and God and I was like well the scriptures say only Christ is our mediator with the father so... ya but we resolved some concerns and it was all around good and parents have been taking the pamphlets that we left in the Daycare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so I'm happy and sad it has been super sweet
Love Elder Draper

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