Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Anti-Mormon Video and Pharisees

Dear Family and Friends,
       This has been a good week. We have had some good visits and some not so good visits. All and all it has been a rather run of the mill week. So, in no particular order, we had a fantastic lesson with this "Catholic" family and she (the mom) shared what she studies in her sect of Catholicism. Basically she is an apostate Catholic, but still Catholic. I don't get i,t but Elder Infante was then able to pull that around into a good lesson on The Plan of Salvation and we committed her to read the plan of salvation pamphlet, and she will. Her husband on the other hand, I don't think so he was dozing during the lesson and he can't be blamed working twelve days straight then only getting two days off.
       We visited with Leonard and he wasn't interested. He said, "I'm never going to be a Mormon, but you boys can come and visit." We decided after the lesson, which our member team up bore powerful testimony during, that we weren't going to go back.
        Our next investigator, Mary, let us in and we had an amazing lesson with her. She was the complete opposite attitude. She had a concern about being baptized again since she had already been baptized and that was resolved, as Elder Infante bore testimony of the Apostasy and Restoration of the priesthood authority.
      When people are hungering and thirsting after righteousness their concerns are resolved by the true doctrine and understanding, and when others are not their concerns are superficial to mask their lack of desire to do and they harden their hearts against the true doctrine.
       We had an investigator look up info via Google about the church and one of the things he found was an old video produced by Anti-Mormons about the church that had been reposted to youtube.com. So we were able to talk with him and tell him that video contains truths but the issue is that the truths it has are wrapped in lies, as to render it entirely false. He believed us and we will eventually cover the topics found in the video and discuss the truths with him without having to battle the video.
      The message I have learned this week is to not try to argue the gospel and to find those who will truly receive the word of God, not those who are only listening out of politeness. We need to be humble and teachable and diligent seekers and scrutinizers of all, both for and against what we believe, and most importantly humble children of God who ask for wisdom and understanding from God.

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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