Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Zone Conference

Dear Family and Friends and Fuzzy Creatures,
        This week was an exciting week we had lots of fun with being crazy missionaries and doing our job, which also includes sitting in meetings.
        Monday I don't have much to say for that day as usual, other than we played basketball and I made some pretty sweet/crazy shots. I shot over some pretty tall Elders draining it, so they were shocked and so was I. (Good can come from passing the ball to me. 😇)
          We also had a sweet lesson with this man who has been meeting with the Elders and we talked with him. I asked him basically, "Do you know what blessings come from obeying the commandments of God?" He was like, "No........ "(for some reason culturally Hispanics especially Mexicans with a Catholic background Fear God and his Judgement and don't really believe to strongly in blessings. At least for some of the people we are teaching right now) and so we helped him start to understand that God wants to bless him. So we are going to see him today and just teach him about how God wants to bless us.
           Tuesday we got up early to get ready to go to Zone conference out in Grand Island, and we had a sweet meeting with Elder Martino. He addressed us on several things he felt inspired to cover. One of the big ones being FAITH in Jesus Christ and CHARITY. So it was really good to learn more about those. We got to see lots of missionaries and I got to see the only other missionary from Olympus there, Sister Reynolds (she is friends with Logan Mathie and the same age as cousin Em).
            Wednesday we had some sweet visits with some members and that was good. One lady who has avoided us whenever we have gone to see her husband came out to join us for the prayer before we left. So it was awesome, so miracles happen everyday. We also went and did service at the People City Mission and had some great adventures. One man was attacked and got his throat slit (sort of we aren't quite sure) and so we had eleven police cars and an ambulance. So it was crazy luckily it happened outside where very few people were, but he is okay. So that was our adventure.
          Thursday we got up and went to meet up with our zone leaders to do an exchange, so that was fun. The highlight would have to be teaching a guy in Burger King. We got a call from missionaries in Grand Island saying, "Do you remember so and so? Ya well he has moved to Lincoln and he wants you to meet him there, in well now!" So that was super exciting.
            Friday we did lots of weekly planning and such. We only got to see one person, so the week was slow.
             Saturday we went and saw a few members of the ward council trying to compile a list of names of people they would like us to see, and then after that we just had horrible luck all day trying to see people even those with whom we had appointments, but at least our Dinner Appointment went through Papa Murphy's pizza!
              Sunday the longest day of the week just sitting at  church from 11/10 till four it makes ADOS Elders like myself go crazy, even if we are missionaries. It was good though we had a good day with trying to see people, we had a member come with us and he was our GPS after our appointment to get us to his house (he knew Lincoln very well).
         Well that is my week,
Elder Logan Joseph Draper
Brother Pearnson's Church mouse

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