Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Miracles abound

Dear Family and friends,
       For the most part this week was like any other, lots of rejection and disappointment and not a lot of fruits. However, if we are blind we miss the greatest miracles that God has in store. The first two days of the week, Monday and Tuesday, were kind of dull and dragged on. We had exchanges and we were able to find some good potentials, but no real good lessons.
      Wednesday we had some good lessons in the day, but again not a lot of progress in the people. We went and tried a potential and his dad said he isn't here right now but he is at such and such address, I was like okay lets go find him and well guess what....... He wasn't home and that was frustrating and I was walking back to the car and I saw a house and it had a light on. I felt like we needed to knock that house, Elder Infante was like sure, "why not," a lady answered and she said we just woke her up and that she was a little sick but we could come back the next day around 3, so that was our night.
       Well after district meeting we had another preset appointment at 2:30. So we rushed there and they gave us good news, which didn't seem to be good news at the moment, We are busy maybe tomorrow. I was like REALLY?! but we went to lady's house from the night before. She welcomed us warmly and asked us to step in, a no no but we did for her sake. It was chilly. She told us everything. She is in her late forties to early fifties, and has had lymphoma for the past 17 years and this is her last couple weeks, or there abouts and she has died according to the doctors 29 times in the lasts two years and has had her liver and pancreas removed and has lived those two years without them! She was given priesthood blessings by missionaries in Washington St and she knows that is why she is alive. So we gave her a priesthood blessing, as I laid my hands on her head I felt the Spirit give me comfort and peace as I spoke the words she needed to hear. I believe that she will be able to live long enough to receive her saving ordinances, and help help her daughters ages 15 and 17 start on that path as well.
           Later that day we found this couple, Billy and Mia. We found them as we were looking for another investigator and they are super sincere and they are super cool. They are going to call us and have us come over sometime. We just have to get on them about that because they didn't give us their contact information but it was super cool talking to them. It was a great week we had so many other miracles associated with this week, things are heading in the right direction.
         Saturday night we had tried Jannie earlier in the night and it hadn't worked out and we went to another investigators and he got dropped by us because he doesn't want to progress or do anything. I got a prompting to just end our lesson and go to Jannie's. So we left and as we were on our way we bumped into our Branch President and his wife dropping off a member after the temple trip they had. So we snagged him and had them come meet her for a little bit, and it was super cool. We also had a sweet lesson Sunday with another family in the branch, and she is so sweet and kind and positive despite all that has been going on and the Lord sent us to her when she softened her heart enough to ask Him for help and ask the important questions of life.
         I testify of the truth of this work and the reality of the Restoration of the Gospel. I know the Priesthood is on the earth today and that we are guided by the Holy Ghost, and we have God's authority once again.
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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