Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Crazy Week, I got Transfered Hello Lincoln

Dear Family and Friends,
       I am grateful to be writing you from Lincoln, and I am glad that you all can still write me with relative ease. As I said this has been a crazy week, we had some good success and I have no particular order as I left my old planner in my apartment so sadly you get this info from memory.
        We had a Book of Mormon class, like a bible study class, and we are just going through and we got through all the pages of the Introduction so today they can start on the actual book.
We visited with Mary an investigator and she accepted the commitment to be baptized and offered one of the sincerest most heartfelt spiritually powerful prayers I have ever heard an investigator say. She has a pure and honest heart and she has committed to be baptized on December 5, so we are very excited for her.
         In another fantastic lesson Miguel Alarcon, a boy we have been teaching, committed to come to church and be baptized and his mom was the best she said, "So you're telling me you won't complain about getting up and getting ready for church?" BOOM she laid it down and he said yes!
       Overall the week went well. Thursday morning we were up with much anticipation as to what was going to happen during district meeting the Zone leaders gave us the news: Elder McBride was going to Fremont with Elder Kummerman and I was going up to Lincoln to replace Elder McBride. We don't know for sure but I may just finish my mission here. So Thursday we visited people but I did lots of packing and it was all good to get my stuff organized and to dejunk a little bit.
      Oh and I had an exciting find at the thrift store in Crete. I found an old briefcase so I got to use that for some stuff I wanted to haul around for meetings. The pioneer ward thought it was funny to see me again and to have me here full time. I was pretty excited to be still in the same ward. I obviously still have something to learn from them or I have someone I can help.
         So that has been my week I hope you are all doing well and that you keep reading your scriptures, praying daily and keep church as the center of your lives.

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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