Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Spanish Conference and more!

Dear family and Friends,
       This week has been a good time for us in NOM (Nebraska Omaha Mission).
        Monday we had a good lesson with a less active woman we shared with her the Articles of Faith and tried to set a solid foundation with her of what we as members of the church believe.
         Tuesday was an exciting day we had Spanish Conference in Omaha. We did studies then went up their in the afternoon had lunch then had the conference from 2 to about 5 so that was a long meeting then we still had to drive back to Crete so that was good they had kindly given us sack dinners to take with us. we were driving with Columbus Spanish since were going to be doing an exchange in Crete the next day when we got a call that said oh by the way we are having zone training Thursday and they canceled district meetings on Wednesdays! So Columbus Spanish spent Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Thursday out of their area so that was sad for them.
           Tuesday night after we got back we went and visited with Brother Wardle and had a good lesson with him we are starting a Book of Mormon Study kind of like a bible study so that will be fun. Then we went and tried a Hispanic family and they weren't available but we did get and appointment and also we knocked into a man from Foodnet so we had a door step lesson he is a very "solid Christian" and he has a decent understanding of the scriptures. It was fun we  had a nice conversation but he doesn't believe in revelations or the gifts of the spirit etc... so that is awkward but we had a good time and we then came home. 
           Wednesday we did service at the Bakery and then we studied and then did some knocking hoping to find a college kid or too, that didn't go over so well but we did find some Hispanics as potentials then we played basketball with Dylan and we retaught him the Restoration. He beat us by quite a bit we had a late dinner due to our basketball and the other Elder's appointment I cooked some really good Pork chops and it was super nice chipotle sauce is awesome. we then switched companions again and I had a lesson with a seventh day Adventist which was interesting they were asking some good but weird questions like can Joseph Smith forgive sin? I responded with a question "Could Moses forgive sin?" well no then I said Joseph Smith is just another prophet like unto Moses and well no he can't forgive sin. after that lesson which went pretty well we were walking home when this man called out to us and I turned and looked and it was a man we knew from helping out at new beginnings and we talked and his name is Dave and he is/was RLDS and we were able to visit with him for a minute or two and we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he said I can't call myself truly RLds because it has just changed to much to the world. so New Potential with a lot of Potential!
              Thursday we had Zone Training which our time in Lincoln was from 9:30 am to 15:30 so do the math Six hours in the meeting it was a long day. The whole training was about better planning and better preparation to do things and changing our habits so we are doing everything in planning by the manual PMG so that is a good change none of it was new but it was a in depth refresher on how to do it better.
           Friday was the weekly planning wow do we have things to do we are getting better at planning and making lesson plans and ya we had no lessons
             Saturday we had foodnet which was good we met this guy named Aaron who knows a lot about the bible but he is kind of crazy however it was super fun talking to him and maybe we will get to teach him who knows.
             Sunday we spent all day in Lincoln pretty much however were able to get a sweet refereal for a college student at Doane who became interested in us after taking a comparative religions course so it was an awesome lesson.

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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