Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Week and Interviews

Dear Family and Freinds
       This has been another good week in the imaginary land of Nebraska, because I am the only person that can really testify that it is real. Ha ha ha ha.
      Well this week we tried to put a focus on having better lessons with our investigators. We set up for some member present lessons, and those were the majority of the lessons we ended up having. Everything else this week seemed to fall apart due to interviews, exchanges, and district meeting. However we did have some good lessons.
      We saw our investigator Dustin, with President Kearl, and that was great it was only a twenty minute visit because he was busy but President Kearl committed him to read Alma 32 before we were to return the next day. That was awesome. We went back the next day and taught him about how faith in Jesus Christ will bless his life, if he applies the Atonement, repents, and forgives others, and how he is never alone in his struggles. It was a powerful lesson and a really good conversation with him.
       We also saw our neighbor Sandi, with President Kearl, and that was good. Sandi was a little bullheaded, but that was okay because President Kearl was able to see more clearly how we could help her to progress because she doesn't want to change, at least right now. However she does desire to learn.
      We saw the Alarcon boys and that was super good. They were pretty good at participating and paying attention. This time their mom helped out and she was able to share with them how she came to know the gospel was true, and how she has and does feel the Spirit in her life. We have committed the boys to read from The Book of Mormon, so we will find out tomorrow if they did.
        So those were all awesome, and we hope to have good lessons like that this coming week. As to what I have been up to it has been about the same as every other week crazy studying and finding people, and simply trying to keep up.
           I love you all.
       Elder Logan Draper

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