Friday, July 31, 2015

Transfer week

Dear Family and Friends and silly animals
        This has been a good week. It also, sadly, was fairly unproductive as it seems to have been the case here for the past couple of weeks.  We had a good time, we stayed in Crete and we played basketball and played with my sling which was super fun and cool. I used a tennis ball for the big one which I made.
        Tuesday we did service and saw some investigators, and that was all good. We taught two investigators, one whose concern was the mission rules of not being able to give rides and to separate from your companion. Ya stupid concerns, because it was unjustified and ungrounded. Yes it would be so easy to give rides to everyone, then where would be be? A free taxi service! But we resolved his concern by telling him, "If you are baptized you won't have to follow mission rules." We explained the difference and it was a simple misunderstanding. Then we met with another investigator and tried to read with him, but he was very distracted and asking questions which is good but he was frustrating my companion and being a little ridiculous to me but I tried my best to answer his questions. 
            Wednesday we met with Brother Wardle and gave him a blessing, because he stepped on something and his foot got infected super sad. :( Then we taught another investigator who had the same concerns as the one mentioned earlier, and we got it resolved. Then we went and did exchanges with the Lincoln Spanish Elders. We had fun doing service at the Lincoln City Mission moving crates of stuff and talking to people as they picked stuff up.
              Thursday we had district meeting and when we showed up we got the news from the Zone leaders that Kummerman was going to be getting transferred. His companion was/is Elder Maradiaga in Fremont. I think they are going to/are having fun together. So we came back and tried to see people, doing splits with Brother Pister and Brother Seifert. We had very limited success with them sadly, but it was still cool to have that opportunity to blitz our area with members because it doesn't happen often.
             So that night and into Friday he packed, and we got to the transfer point at 3:10 and the van got there at 4:10. So that was forever waiting then I was informed that Elder Phillips, my new companion, would not be here until 9:00 that night and I was like what with the mission getting Sioux Falls the transfer schedule shifted. So ya it was different and I was caught off guard. So I went with Lincoln Spanish for a while to work and do whatever, and that was fun riding in the back seat. It was a good learning opportunity and then I got Elder Phillips. Then things were good. We stayed the night in Lincoln.
              We didn't have much to do teaching wise, due to having to catch up on weekly planing and unpacking and service. So there isn't much else to report for the week other than we are going to be boss and have fun! and teach until we drop.

Love the super enthusiastic
                      steaming hot
Elder Draper, (it is crazy humid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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