Monday, August 10, 2015

A little to much excitement

Dear Family and friends
        I have currently misplaced my planner, I don't know where to, so I am writing you free of notes relying wholly upon my brain which we know from having served as a missionary for over a year is rather holy in both senses of the word. Well I gave Elder Phillips the phone while we were at the church because I was running in circles in the hall because it forms a loop so I did that. Well after dinner we realized WE HAVE NO PHONE!  So we spent forever trying to get into the church and then trying to get keys, finally we decided to camp out at the Zone leaders apartment for a while to wait for them, since they had a key. They came in handed us our phone and we ran back to Crete so that was our adventure, NO PHONING it Stinks!!!
          So on Tuesday I held on to my phone so we did our service and Elder Phillips and I dropped of packages at the post office. He also got a hair cut, since the place in town that we go to is closed on Mondays. So that stinks but we did it on Tuesday. We then did service at the thrift store then rushed home for a lesson which fell through :( So we went to our assisted living facility and talked with some people there before coming home for dinner.  We then tried a family, and the kids were like come back tomorrow at 4:00 our dad will be home. Then that night we went and helped finish up some service for our recent convert.
            Wednesday we do lots of service for our less active members in Crete, which was tons of fun. I really enjoyed it stocking the store and pulling weeds. It really was therapeutic to do something where my mind could take a break. After that we cleaned up and did our studies, then went to the investigators' house and the dad was like, I am about to go to work how about you guys come back tomorrow at 1:00 that way my wife will be here too. So we went and tried some people and it was good.
           Thursday we altered district meeting times to conform with our appointment and that was good. I had a good training thing prepared. I kind of winged it since the topic/question was "How does inviting others to be baptized fulfill our missionary purpose?"........... um......... our missionary purpose is "We invite others to come unto Christ through.......... baptism um ya that is our purpose so I gave a training on how understanding the purpose and importance of baptism helps us to teach it better/ help us understand the why of inviting. Well we rushed back to Crete had a fantastic lesson then went on to try some other people and that was fantastic. We also went to our next standing appointment, ya they were not available and that was sad.
           Friday we had the Hollists, a family from the Pioneer ward, come down and have dinner with us, then go to visit some families. Only one was home and it was a good visit with the family, I felt like we were really blessed to have them down there with us. After that we went home and taught one of our neighbors and it had been a long time since we had sat down and talked, but we talked of the Priesthood and the Atonement, and how through Christ we can become perfected and it is God's plan to refine us.
              Saturday we had Foodnet and it was good. The only thing of note from that was two people started fighting over the food, it was sad. Pride came out in many different people. It was just a mess, all I could do was sing some hymns to myself as the head person tried to calm the sides down. It wasn't good. Well our appointments fell through, but we had a late lunch with a member and that was good. Then we went and saw our other neighbor, Sandi, and she had her doors locked. Which wasn't too weird, but all her windows were shut which wasn't too weird. Her blinds were all the way shut so when she saw it was us she opened the door and we had a good lesson with her. She told us that some of the neighbors were harassing her because she wouldn't drink with them and then they would name call her when she would take her dog out to use the bathroom. So it was sad we reminded her we were there, we can't do a lot but we can help you out we are your neighbors too. So that was good. She accepted the commitment to read from The Book of Mormon!!!! Not any chapters about doctrine per se, but she said she would read some of the chapters on Captain Moroni. So we are still doing a happy dance!
                   Sunday we had a good day at church and then we went to a dinner appointment in Lincoln, and that took a while. So we got back late and decided to clean up our books in preparation for IPads.
I love you all.
Love, Logan J. Draper

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