Monday, August 17, 2015

The WEEKLY Letter of Spanish conference

NOTE TO ALL: This is transfer week. Nothing may happen but something could happen. We know Elder Phillips will train, we just don't know when.
Dear Family and Friends this was a very good week for me.
        I am happy to report I am doing well. We stayed in Lincoln then went to Spanish Conference, and I got to see Elder Barton and Elder Johnson which was super nice. They had lots of stories to tell me of their adventures and Elder Barton will most likely be training this transfer, which will be cool to have the Elder I trained train :). So I am excited for him. We had really good trainings. The big message that President Gardener gave us was that we will all face time of disappointment and trial in the mission, just as Alma and Amulek did, but we can overcome. I found it very comforting.
        However during the meeting my heart rate started to rise and I started to stress and feel uneasy for some reason, but luckily I was able to get it down by talking back to my stress. Well we drove home and had dinner with Brother Stoki at De Leon's, a restaurant that was good. I like it. We then tried to see some people.
         Wednesday we did lots of service and that was good for my brain, but I had a difficulty keeping my heart rate in check. I just kept getting stressed because there was so much to do, but it was nice to just focus on the project that had an end. We saw a couple of people that day and it was pretty productive.
            Thursday we went up to Omaha, for me to see Sister Saufley in Council Bluffs, Iowa and that was good. We talked for a while. I liked the drive up there. The Big thing was for me to recognize my stress and do the relaxation exercises, because my stress I have a drug which is the fight or flight drug in my system and that wears down your heart so she said I need to keep myself in check, and if I get good at it I won't have any problems and I will be healthier in the long run because I can control when I let that drug into my system and when I don't. Well I took a detour after that to see the Urquidez family and Isella, an investigator from Omaha who is going to get baptized coming here soon. A cool moment from my conversation with her and her husband was: He said, "Do you know why God let you be so small?" I responded that I didn't know why, he said, "God let you be small because He knows how big you are on the inside." I felt so good, validated by a man who I had not talked to in several months who had not felt much of a need to talk to me either, but He could see that I cared and he cared too. It was cool. I then got to see the Urquidez family. That was amazing. They actually were not at all surprised when I showed up, Tonya the mom said, "Hector said we would be seeing you soon." He apparently had a dream of me showing up and that was cool. So I got a picture with them and encouraged them to stay active.
          Friday we did weekly planning and more service, so that was good I felt happy to be working in a garden. We then went and tried to find people to no avail.
          Saturday we had a good day. We found a less active at Foodnet, or more correctly she found Elder Phillips and we got her address. We are going to teach her and her husband. We saw some other investigators and that was all good.
            Sunday we had church and saw our new less active and her husband from Thailand, who speaks Karen, and that was awesome. We were talking with her and we brought the conversation around and we asked her, "Jasmine, do you believe The Book of Mormon is the word of God? That it is true?" She responded, "Yes I do, and I even kept it even after about seven years of inactivity." She still knows it is true. She has merely lost the path due to bad friends. She will come back around, I know she will and her husband will be baptized soon, despite meeting with the JWs but we will see how that goes. I don't want them to be divided.
                that has been our crazy week
Love Logan Joseph Draper

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