Monday, August 24, 2015

End of Transfer with an element of SURPRISE!

Dear Friends and Family, Squirrels, Cats Dogs, Guinea Pigs and others which would take to long to name.
                This has been a good, and crazy, week. We have had good lessons with our investigators and less actives, helping them to see the eternal perspective of why change is good. One of our investigators, named Sandi, got sick and in that time she didn't buy any cigarettes. Because she ran out she decided, "I am sick I don't have any I might as well just try to quit." AMAZING! The Spirit has been working on her a lot. In one of our lessons with her she basically said, "I have no desire to change whatsoever, I am happy the way that I am." However she is starting to do things to change her life and she said the last time we were over there, "You should read a paper I wrote that her teacher said if she could have given a grade over 100% she would have." And I said, "Well Sandi I would love to read that, but you haven't even considered cracking open The Book of Mormon or even the Bible passages we have given you. I'll make you a deal: if we both read your paper, will you read one chapter from The Book of Mormon?" She said YES! So go team go!
                 In meeting with our new less active, named Jasmine, we asked her what was one of her favorite things from the church when you were active. She said "I really love to reach The Book of First Nephi. So we expounded on the first verse of that book which says, "I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents..." We told her and showed her how much she had been given and how much she could give to her kids. I think she is excited to come back to church. She just now needs the fellowship from the branch, some members to come be a mom a role model, others to come and be the friends that she needs to build her up in positive ways.
                  Next we got to see our investigator Eric, again. He came back after summer break to Doane College. We had a good lesson with him, and basically revolved around God has a plan for us and He has given us all the light of Christ for us to be able to discern the right path from the wrong path. He kept his Book of Mormon which shows he still wants to learn and study! He had so many good comments and personal insight. It is easy to see how God has been working on him through the summer, helping him in his intellectual pursuits for college and preparing him to receive the Gospel.
                    This week has been a good week of spiritual upliftment and insight. The biggest thing is that God has not given up on us and that He never will. We will have to give up on Him first which shows us that it is our agency which turns Him away, not His lack of desire to help us. He loves us. His Son paid the ultimate price for us.
                Well so in transfers, the reason I said surprise is because Elder Jensen left Omaha to go to Sioux City. Elder Barton is training ,which is no surprise just awesome. Elder Smyth, my district leader, was made a Zone leader with an Elder he goes home with in three transfers, which throws things into a bit of a dilemma from the simple human transfer perspective but God doesn't care. He knows what has to happen, but yep that was the craziness. I stayed in Crete and I hope you all have a good week.
Elder L. J. Draper

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