Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nothing nothing nothing Something!

Dear Family
      I had a good week this week. Now, to be honest, it wasn't necessarily good as in the fact it was still just about as terrible as last week, but it was better because I was better. 
      Monday we had one member present lesson which the members basically taught which worked for us we were there basically as observers. well we then went and picked up the elders coming in for the trainer trainee meeting on Tuesday. We got Elder Garf and Elder Lopez. It was nice. We were all pretty quiet and not very talkative, but that worked okay with me. Well we also bought a little bit extra in groceries, just in case they were big eaters but they weren't. 
      Tuesday, got up early and got ready and got to our meeting. As trainers we discussed stuff. The trainees got trainings from President and Sister Weston, so that was good for them. We then ate food and enjoyed ourselves being healthy young missionaries or eating lot, I didn't eat that much but in those days because of how far the stake center is I would say we used about 80 miles or so in total so we shot our miles for a while. So we got back out of our meeting and we decided to park our car and walk all day because it was sunny, and the tank was clean, The Tank was clean! Well we had some miracles because we got a ride up, to the area we were planning to knock, from a member from the English ward who I know. He also wants us to help him reactivate his Spanish friends, which we have been trying to work with. So it was awesome! We got to talk to some people, not as many as we had hoped, but because of that it all worked out because Hermana Mejia had changed the day of when we were eating with her family to that day, last minute, and our food was to go and the other Elders had picked it up. So we actually tracked right onto their street. We walked down the street and had some dinner then walked over to the projects and had a lesson with some of our recent converts. It was good, and because it was a little cold out no one was outside. 
       Wednesday we had a good lesson with a less active. Her problem is that Mormons don't like her product Herbalife, or something like that. So we are having the ward mission leader look into it for us so we can teach her the Word of Wisdom and not get caught fighting over things we actually agree on. Then we taught our recent converts again, helping them with their scripture study so that they will build the habit and learn how to read, and gain understanding. 
       Thursday we got, again, only one lesson in and it was good. We found some potentials, but just one less active lesson. It was good, we watched The Restoration video with them and talked about faith. We are getting the sister that has changed churches actually sitting down to watch the movies. We aren't even directly inviting her, so it is cool. We made her a deal (approved by  the mission president) if she comes to our church the next Sunday we will go to hers. So it will be interesting to see if she will really take us up on it, because she hasn't come yet. Also for dinner the family fell through because of parent teacher conferences but the day quickly left to meet us at the K-mart Little Caesars and buy us a pizza, so that was nice of him. Then after that we were calling to confirm with the English member, who has a sweet name Israel, and he is also Hispanic but he speaks awesome English and Spanish. Well they invited us over with their elders for food too. So that was a miracle, because we planned out our lesson
       Friday we did weekly planning and got one lesson. So that was good. We had a good little lesson with another less active and had a good dinner appointment, and then went with the English member Israel to go to their friend's house. They weren't there and the daughter said come back in an hour. So we did and nothing. It was sad, but we did our best. 
     Saturday was awesome we taught three super solid lessons and wow, investigators really can just open up to you sometimes without you even asking. We read with this one guy named Pedro. He is super sincere and wants to learn. He is just hesitant because he doesn't know very much about the gospel or scriptures in general, but he is eager to learn. The other investigators we taught were the neighbors of a member. It was super cool because they are JW, and it was fun because we stuck to The Restoration and blew them out of the water. They were like that makes sense, that is all true information and a super cool conclusion. They asked some really sincere questions and I think they will be baptized soon!  Then the last lesson, wow it was weird. The wife is a less active, the husband is catholic, and all the children are members who are married in the temple. So we came in, he has been very quite with us the past couple times, and he was like, "Okay are we going to pray? Do you have a scripture for me what is the plan?" So he then went off on everything he didn't like about the church, and basically it centered on false information and temples and conspiracy theories. I was like "Really? Let's look at the facts, false information gone. Temples lets look at the bible, wrong! and lastly conspiracy theory bible and personal testimony your ideas are wrong. And guess what we can debate for hours on end but it all comes back to The Book of Mormon. Read it and pray about it and then we can talk more about things and expound the doctrines, but this conversation will go nowhere if we don't even open The Book of Mormon." So he is going to read!!!!!! I rebuked him saying, "Listen either you are going to heaven or your children and grandchildren are, but not both of you in either of our doctrines. So you need to decide what you are doing and whose side is righ,t then get to that side and bring your family."
       Sunday we got two decent lesson in and we had a good day at church. The sacrament meeting was weird, it turned into a thanks for your service... I need to go bye. I love you!!

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