Monday, February 23, 2015

the week of nothingness

    This week has been long slow and very disappointing. After emailing you on Tuesday we went and waited for a lesson and we did nothing for almost half an hour. We went and ate dinner with them then watched the Bible videos for a short lesson thingy, even though that wasn't the plan for what we were going to teach them but it actually worked out really well. The mom had made papusas (a dish consisting of a corn tortilla with paste like pork, cheese, and re-fried beans) and they were delicious. So we got fed well there. We got home late which was amusing, because we got told off by our leaders last time we were late and here we are late as the senor companions, but it was all good. We then watched the Bible videos and they were interesting.  I was so confused because that is not at all a normal routine but it was fun.
    Wednesday we had district meeting and and we got to get our car back from the body shop and guess what? They cleaned it for us so we didn't have to. It was so awesome because we had been worrying about that, because it was dirty and because there is no plug near are apartment to clean our car but it all worked out for us. Well we then had to go pick up the food from a far away member and it was a fun drive. I got the two greenies and Wilson went with the other elders to the shed to get supplies for the mission office for apartments. Then we met up for district lunch and then after a while we finally went our ways to do real work. We got two less active lessons in and it was sweet. We set up to go out with them to take them to lessons.
     Thursday we took out one of the less actives, he was free half of the day, so we tried to visit people and basically everything fell through. We got one lesson with a member present but we should have gotten more but we can't make people stay home.
      Friday we got to go to the temple it was so cool to go through and do my third endowment session, and yes I can still count. It was so nice and peaceful and it gave me time to think, pray and meditate and pull myself out of the world of stress and stuff. We then went and tried an investigator who said come back later and the backup just straight up wasn't there. Then we had dinner with a really cool family, the mom is the Relief Society president, and the husband was a super stubborn nonmember who is now super converted and it was fun. We had pizza because they forgot to cook but it was all good with us, we are young non-picky missionaries.  We taught a bit of English and then went to try a part member family with one of the a fore mentioned less actives. They weren't there so we went to try another investigator and they were there. We got a member present and the member taught the entire lesson and told the woman straight up, "Stop letting your crappy childhood hold you back. You are an adult, you need to forget the past and be awesome. I have done it personally, I know it is hard, and I know exactly the same type of deal you have been through, so lets be friends. You, me and my wife and your husband are going to be best friends. Come to dinner one day." So we got a set up member present lesson today. Then we ran back to our apartment and packed to go over to the other elder's place for Elder Cox's birthday and we brought a tiny cake and ice cream. So we stayed up late and played Settlers of Catan and were just amused by the world and watched the movie Testaments is was fun, and Cox needed it.
          Saturday we did weekly planning and then dinner at the Pacheco's and then went back down to visit people. We got a good lesson in with Hermano Urquidez and invited him to participate in a lesson with us on Sunday, as a member present.
            Sunday everything fell through, all of our appointments fell. I am sad and kind of disappointed, but there is not much we can do about that. So that was the end of my week. I love you all and will write to you again next Monday.
Love Logan Joseph Draper

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