Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Zone Training, Charity and craziness

Dear Family and friends (I hope you all read my blog ;)
        I am doing well I have had a fantastic week, again I must say I learn so much every week. It is like I am in kindergarten simply trying to get down the basics, and I never, ever get it good enough.
        So to start out the week. We went by the library after p-day to copy some papers for the ward plan of reading The Book of Mormon. We are getting them back into circulation, saying you really need to read The Book of Mormon and make plans to study. We got there at 6:30 and we discovered the other Elders' car, so that was funny. Then we had a great lesson with a family that is going to baptize their child on Saturday, and we got them back into the good ship Zion with their study plans.
        Tuesday was so cool, but also had some down points. We got  a cool lesson with a less active who deleted the contact info on his phone of his bad friends who drank etc... So he is making some good progress. We are going to see him again and get him activated for sure. We also got a cool lesson with the neighbor of Hermano Ortega, the Jehovah Witness student. He really liked our message about how he could know our message was true through God, his own studies, and praying, it was really nice. Wednesday we had zone training, which was super cool because we had trainings on Charity.  I learned a lot and realized I need to improve my Charity. Afterwards we went to eat at a place called Hu Hot, it is a Mongolian grill. I had some good food and we had some good conversation with the other elders. We got a good lesson in with some less actives to teach about their covenants and  help them decide and figure out on their own, that they need to come back to church. It was super cool!
           Thursday we got a sweet member present lesson with a less active and apparently boyfriend, I thought they were married. All her kids are LDS and she is less active, and he is a pure Catholic. So it was kind of funny because they don't have an eternal perspective. He really is extremely critical and  says so many things which contradict themselves as he tries to show how we are wrong, because it just doesn't work to fight our church. So it is funny, I love the logical fallacies because I can't fight them but I can still see them.
           Friday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. It was great fun because I got no lessons. I tried my hardest but nothing. We did however have a miracle bumping into a less active in a random spot, so that was cool.
           Saturday we got some good lessons in and some almost lessons in. I hate people canceling on us, it is so annoying. I wish that I could simply actually get in with them, because their lives would be so much happier if we could get in to visit with them.
            Sunday turned out nicely, we got a lesson with a member and his neighbor. It was sweet, it was good enough to be the district, now it wasn't perfect but it went extremely well. I hope and have faith we will see improvement, and he will keep his commitments. Then we had a cool lesson, with a family we dropped a while back. It was super cool because they are improving and they are going to come to church this next Sunday. The members being their friends and us addressing their needs is really helping. It was so cool the Spirit was so strong. I need to go. I love you all.
Love Logan Joseph Draper The Elder

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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