Wednesday, March 18, 2015

BOM CRASH BANG I am still Awesome!

Dear Family and Friends who are reading my Blog
         I am happy and excited to be writing you today, and saying I am super duper cool missionary dude, I have nice ties, a short sleeve shirt, a Book of Mormon always at my side and I am ready to baptize. I now just need a hose and an inflatable pool, most people would say yes with our current weather. Ha ha, just kidding. I would not do that, but seriously it is hot.
       We had a fantastic week contacting and finding less active members. We have been giving Book of Mormons out almost daily, if not more than one a day. We often are asked by people, not us asking people. So you can see that this area is ripe with desire to come to God. Now not to let you think we do talk to practically everyone, but the people that accept usually start talking to us first. We sadly did not have as much success as planned. We hope to find some more success this week and really get down to business and get some member present lessons.
      Monday of this last week we had some interestingness, because we got two lessons in on Monday. We tried to help some less actives. We got this last minute impression to call a member to go with us and we did. When we got there they were not home, but then we walked away and were talking to the member on the street. We then taught her a lesson, and then the family showed up. So we went back, the sister talked to the sister and we then taught the Hermano, and it was super cool. We had some fun with the kids and we are turned them over to the sisters because the Hermana doesn't feel comfortable with us due to girly-ness. I guess we aren't feminine or understanding enough. But that is okay, whatever the Lord wants to reactivate her, as long as it works I am all for it.
       Tuesday we had a super cool day though again not according to plan. We were beguiled into an activity at the church, which the other elders were holding, and then we got there. None of our people were there and we basically wasted time, and it wasn't worth it and not even effective, but I got to put some stuff on my USB at the mission office because we were there too. I got the Old and New Testaments audio files and it was amusing because now I need to get it into the right format but it is all fun because at least I have it. We came home to have dinner and we got a super awesome service opportunity with some person moving into our apartment building. We helped move, we dropped off our stuff, and moved stuff like super hyper white dudes and totally confused the people and gave them Books of Mormon and refused money like the servants of God we are, had dinner and simply had fun. We tried to teach the nephew of a member but he ran away and disappeared. I am pretty sure he was home but the kids said he wasn't but I think he told them to say that, but no big deal I can't take his agency. We then went and visited a family, the husband was in the other room with his wife, but the sister let us in and talked to us and we had a interesting conversation because she is technically a member but she doesn't remember or believe anything the church taught, because I don't know. I feel most Hispanics don't understand the relation between The Book of Mormon and The Bible. I have tried to explain it and it doesn't seem to come across, but I guess it is time to start asking inspired questions.
          Well that leads into Wednesday. We had a super awesome zone conference and we had some really good trainings on not leaving crap in your apartments, taking care of your cars, staying positive and asking inspired questions. So we got some really good insights from the trainings. I know I need to do better. We are working on asking better, more inspired questions in our role plays. I got in some extra study time while the Zone Olympic finals were going on. Some of the events were fun to watch but I more enjoyed my studies, and since Sister Weston told us to be ourselves I figure if I want to study and write my girlfriend on P-Day then that is what I will do because they are both perfectly obedient. But zone conference was made even better by Brother Dallon, a member who is in our ward, and it was fun because he basically told us over dinner "Look Elders, it isn't that hard. Inspired questions is all about timing and simply frequency. If you suck ,and judging by the fact of we are Americans we all simply like to talk so we suck, so practice frequency until you get that down and also simple, there are three types of questions facts, reflection and exploration. Those are it and what you have to do is simply: be smart, listen and ask good timely questions." So I think he could give some really good additional insights to the zone training and I liked it. I will really work on frequency so I can get better.
            Thursday was really cool, we met with  an investigator and several less actives. It was fantastic and I was super happy. I got to teach and run around crazy. Sadly some of our set appointments fell, but the man said "Please stop by whenever you can, because I like how you teach and everything, I just feel bad because I have been meeting with the JW for so long." So we will get him around and it was fun. We are going to get him baptized, at least Barton will if I don't. We had a little lesson with a drunk till his brother got him to bed, then we taught his brother about The Book of Mormon with a member. Sadly the brother was a less active, and it was sad because it should have been a member present. We then got a good lesson with another less active and they are good. We got out his interests and we have figured out a way, through some really random promptings, of how to help him.
           Friday we got some awesome weekly planning and then some super fast service, and a member present lesson that rocked. We are going to hopefully get another one with him this week, so it will be fun. We just need to corner them on the street or in a restaurant, because they are underage and it is hard to contact them. We had a less active take us to dinner, then we wasted time at a ward activity because there was none of our people there. We did decide to follow Nephi and his brothers example and cast lots about teaching an investigator who is just in the sisters area and their fellow-shipper is in ours. We have been teaching them far more than the sisters, so it was good because we are joint teaching, and I think that will help more.
          Saturday we taught one lesson, but did lots of good contacting. We hope to find more people and get things going, but we don't know. It was sad today because we had a stake conference and lost two hours of teaching, almost three, and it was sad but worth it.
           Sunday we had a fantastic stake conference, though the adult session was better. We had some good trying to teach and finding because we found a less active lady and she was like "Elders!!!!! I missed you and how are you? I am so sorry, I was going to come to church but I slept in." We were like "It is okay. It is actually at 11:00." She was like "Really? Awesome!" We were like, "Can we come back next Saturday?" She was like, "Of course, then I will see you on Sunday." We were like, "Awesome, see you then!!! So it was successful.
           Have a fantastic week all of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Logan Joseph Draper the AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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