Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#BecauseHeLives Easter/conference=CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Family and Friends
       If you can not tell I am happy and things have happened. Well this letter I will not tell you about the lessons I had, because I basically had none. I will mention nothing in relation to my numbers as they are only for me to know. I am doing well, unless things happen like this week.
       So Monday we were lazy and goofed around by ourselves, but that was okay. We had some fun. I got a Frisbee at Play It Again Sports. So that will be fun for me to party with, as I can do stuff no matter what area I am in Ha ha ha. This is a five week transfer so warning as I am now in week four changes will happen week 5, or next week.
       I don't know where to start. Well the general gist of this week was we tried to work hard the first little bit, but things just kept falling through. I was like "okay this is simply stinky" Then, BAM, we were informed about having exchanges. I was like "no I don't want that, it kills our area," but I was like "I have no other option" So I went for it, but in district meeting we had the talking to: of we need to all work together. So we decided like it would be novel to have a district that could work together, because we haven't had the opportunity in the past. So on Thursday to build unity, or something like that, we went to UNO (The University of Nebraska Omaha) and joined in on day five of their seven days of service campaign. We went and cleaned trash in this community garden, which is mainly run by some refuges from Myanmar or Burma. It was cool to work with them. I hope they can really get their garden this year since we have cleaned out the trash, because they were just some vacant lots. What made it cooler is we dropped off flyers on the neighboring houses, so they would know who the people are. One man came down and he was like "I used to farm but now I am to old why don't you let your people use my land." So another refuge group will be using his land which is just north of actual Omaha. So that was a cool miracle for the lady in charge.
       Well we got around to exchanges. Elder Wilson had told me to come prepared with something I wanted to learn and or work on. So I did and it turned out to be really cool. I had learned a bit about this thing called                  Plan
So I wrote a vision and I don't have time to explain all the details as I am still learning how to, in a sense, perfect it. What you do is you write a vision of who you want to be and what you want to achieve etc.. Then you make goals which are not as broad and encompassing as your vision. For example I want to run in the Olympics
            then Goal run a four minute mile
                      plan run everyday
I took like twenty seconds on that, and I didn't even do a good job with it, but you can see how it works and see where you can go. The thing is the vision is big and broad, the goals are less broad, and the plan is specific. The cool thing is a proper vision, such as a patriarchal blessing, never needs to change. The goals will change over time from a missionary to a dad but the plan can change multiple, and really should change many, times. It is preparing in the Lord's way.
             So Everyone that is the letter for the week. As I wrap some things up, I hope you all know I love and miss you. There are some fun pictures that will filter in in the next while.
Love Logan J. Draper

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