Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DA Big Letter

Dear Family and Friends
        I am doing awesome. I have had a very interesting week, as you have heard with the accident this last Saturday and me emailing late. So ya, now I get to tell you all the bad and good consequences!
        So we emailed you guys and then we went to go pick up the lunch and we had to go all the way out to the boonies and it was super annoying because we burned tons of miles. Then we received a message to go give a blessing to a member, who was in the hospital. So we had to go back, and that was on the way, but we got there and we had the wrong hospital. Then we went and gave the other elders their food and went looking for the hospital with them and found it and gave the blessing. Then we went and got our shopping done and updated referrals. It was a pain because we have to use Google Chrome and the South Omaha Library doesn't have it. So we had to go all the way out to UNO and that took basically the whole day.
         So then Wednesday we had district meeting and that took all day, basically, because we had to pick up the other elders dinner. Then go to district lunch and drive back to our area. So it was then time for dinner. We went to our appointment and then that dinner appointment ran over and we had to cancel a lesson. We then went and taught English to a referral, basically it was awesome! But it was just English so it didn't count.
          Then Thursday we had a sweet day planned out and then we helped Hermana Mejia with some of her college applications so she can go and do law school. We than had another problem because the other elders, right after, said "lets do exchanges." I went with Cox and taught two lessons while Wilson grilled Barton and that was a total time waster for us. We lost out on two lessons then we had to drop off gas receipts and killed more time. We had another long dinner appointment, I guess dine and dash doesn't work, but we set up an awesome lesson for the next Sunday. We went to see one of the young men. We talked to his parents, who are less active, and they were concerned their son didn't have any drive etc. We were like that is your problem are you helping him? Are you teaching him? No? Well start by reading the scriptures with him and it will teach him what he must do. So they accepted the challenge then the son got home and we invited him to read with his parents. He had grown so distant from them he was like why? We are bribing him with ice cream so he will read, it will be great.
            Friday we got in two super awesome lessons. One was better than other because the non-member husband actually set up the time, so we had the lesson. When we were done he asked if we could come back the same time the next week, so we will be going back. We are starting to teach him about The Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith because he doesn't know anything, so we are starting from the basics. We then gave another investigator a run down of the Plan of Salvation because he didn't have time. We promised to go back later and then it was awesome because he had questions, and questions are the best.
            Saturday, the day of miracles. We taught five solid lessons and made the rest of the week worth it with all the craziness of nothing getting done earlier in the week. We had so much fun teaching and sharing gospel. Almost everyone we found and taught and/or found again was ready and wanting to learn more, and have us come back or to call us because they don't know about their work schedule, but they came and found us! We had been teaching this one Maria again, everyone is named Maria, well we could only find her every other Thursday, then she found us and asked for our number. We gave it to her and it was so cool. We are going to invite all of these people to get baptized, and ojala (hopefully) they will accept.
             Sunday we had a super cool testimony meeting, because it was canceled last week. The Lord provided miracle lessons. We found people when we wouldn't normally and it just worked out. We got a sweet lesson with the members. We had planned to invite the young men and his less active parents to come to church, and it was super cool. I love the young men's leaders, they really care. We taught another man about faith in Christ by watching Finding Faith in Christ, in Spanish obviously, and it was so cool. The Spirit was there and the man is going to come to church, Ojala (hopefully)! With another man we reminded him of his baptismal covenants and we are going see him on Sunday in church ojala otra vez (again, hopefully). Well that is my week I love you all
Have a Happy Valentine's Day
Elder Logan Draper

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