Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ah Wow warm Snow crash investigator?

Dear Family and Friends
         This letter is tremendously late in the day and such, so I won't have much time today but what I don't finish today I will hopefully get tomorrow. So my letter needs to start Monday after emails. We went to Chic-Fil-A for lunch and got a potential investigator there, she was a cashier. We got her thinking about God and such, so it was awesome. Well after that fun random conversation we hopped over to Wal-Mart and went shopping. We were looking for people we could talk to, didn't find anyone. So we continued on shopping and got our stuff together. Well we were going to check out in the closest lane but I felt 'lets go to the other and its line was shorter' but we got in it. We were putting our stuff up for the cashier and the lady who had just finished buying her stuff asked, "May I ask you a weird question?" "Here it comes," I thought, "no horns, no polygamy, no other craziness, which one is it." Well she asked, "Why are you so dressed up?" and I was like easy Greenie go and he was going before I could nudge him. He explained we were missionaries and then she said, "I have another weird question or request." We were like, "Okay what?" "Can I buy your groceries?" and we were like, "We won't say no, but don't you have any other questions?" She was like, "Nope, I am pretty sure I have more answers," and said to the cashier "Ring them up." She bought about  $40 worth of stuff and wow it was crazy. We were taken aback. She was not a member but she felt something and decided to help us out a little bit, even though we didn't need it. Well we went to a member's for dinner and that basically took the rest of the night, because we shared some lessons with them and then went over to another member's house and talked with them as well. We offered to teach one of the families some more English for service. It was super good because they accepted and are excited.
         Tuesday we got some success, mainly because we got down and dirty doing service for a lady. It was fun, we sifted rocks from her mulch and it was entertaining. We taught her a lesson while we were at it. We will go back and teach her husband the lesson again, and get them progressing towards baptism. We taught a mini lesson to another investigator later that night after everyone else had fallen of the face of the earth, and could not be found by us. Hopefully he will have read The Book of Mormon, otherwise we won't get anywhere. Then we did find someone after that and gave them a spiritual thought, and they said they would go to church on Sunday. Yah!!!!!
         Wednesday we tried taking a member out to see people after district meeting. It was good, but the people weren't there so it was a kind of flop. We had some good conversations with the member, so that worked out okay.
         Thursday we had Spanish conference and it was super duper awesome. We had three generations there, and if my greenie trains as fast as I did we will have four generations at a Spanish conference. That would be super crazy and it is possible, not exactly likely but it is possible. So we will see what happens there. Well that night we also had a meeting with the ward mission leader and he bought us pizza, and it was good. We had some good conversations about the areas and getting a sense of focus and direction and unity, which had not been there before. Wow using the MTC training works. I like this idea practice what we learn. It is awesome, things are going well. 
            Friday was weekly planning as usual. We got all the nitty gritty stuff done, and it was actually pretty nice to work on it with a companion. We went and taught a guy the Plan of Salvation and in the timeline of life he got sucked into the doctrine of Christ. He wanted to fight over authority and I unfortunately, unwittingly, followed into the argument even though I had been trying to artfully dodge it for some time and merely have him figure it out without the whole fight, bible bash but well it was sad. He doesn't mind if we go back. So I will try to fix what I can, but really the Spirit is the true teacher, knowledge and wisdom are nothing without the Spirit. Well, we got a reference from the other day for teaching English. So we are teaching this really nice guy English, and he is getting the hang of it pretty well. It will be super fun to practice some more. It is actually helpful that he has a background in it already, from his work. 
             Saturday it began to snow a little and we tried to contact all the referrals and potentials we had. We had gotten one for a solid appointment the night before, for a man at his house at six. After not having a successful day we were excited to do that. We were almost there and at the light we were waiting at we, out of nowhere, felt a thunk!!! We got rear ended. It was snowing, so we should have seen it coming. It was not good at all, but we called the police and they said, "Sorry we are not going to come, so good luck." So we took pictures I will send those in the morning. We are about out of time, but we went to our referral and he was drunk and crying that he was done. He wanted to change his life and he sobbed into my shoulder. The Spirit was so strong there, giving me what to say.  
Well I need to go I will tell you more Tomorrow!
Elder Logan J. Draper

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