Wednesday, February 4, 2015

El Fin de la gran carta (The End of the Great Letter)

            So Sunday we got up and the Zone leaders had texted that we were grounded, and I was like this is fun. We were also told that Church was canceled, and it was like well we get a full study time and then we get to go try finding people. So we were studying when we got the call "Hey we need help cleaning the church of snow." So we got our snow clothes on and ran to meet the member at the intersection of 24th and Q, so we didn't quite make it, Elder Barton's boots are too HUGE but it works out okay for us. Well we went on the freeway after picking the other elders up and it was sketchy. We were only going about 35 maybe 40 on the freeway, because it was so windy and snowy and icy. It was all good, we survived and then we shoveled tons of snow. Well once we were done a member offered us to drive us to his house for a lunch dinner thing. So we drove and slid and kind of spun a little, but we made it safely. Then shoveled his snow and then had a good meal of sandwiches and soup, and we got stuffed. I am trying to teach Elder Barton how to eat lots of food, I am not sure if he gets it quite yet but he is almost there. Well we then went back home and then got our paperwork for the accident, and started walking to the house of the people who own the car. Well we were like 'this is taking forever, maybe we will get a ride from someone' and a man stopped and offered us a ride and so we got a ride to closer to our destination. It was good, sped us up a lot, and we also shared with him a little message and gave him a card to call us. I hope he calls us or we find him again. Well we visited the people who own the car and we got the information sorted out. Then we talked a bit about The Book of Mormon and we are going to visit them again. Well we started to walk to another appointment, and we couldn't make it. We were half an hour from the house walking and half an hour from the other people's house, who are probably twenty or more minutes from our house in this weather obviously. So it was not reasonable to go on, we said a specific prayer asking either to get a ride there in the next three minutes, because there were lots of cars passing us, or that if no ride came we turned around (also our phone had just died). So no ride stopped as we walked, so we turned around. We stopped to help this man get unstuck and we couldn't do it, and so I knelt and prayed for extra strength to do it. When I opened my eyes two more men came jogging up to us and we pushed the car out. Well we walked on and those same men realized we were just walking, stopped and gave us a ride back. So it was cool miracles.
            Well and yesterday, Monday, we were basically trying to get our laundry to dry. Then we went and took care of the car problem all freaking day and that is why this is coming. I am obedient. We are meeting with a member to help her study for the law school admissions test, so it  is AWESOME!!!!! Ya, we teach whatever we feel like. We are just that gifted in the Spirit to teach whatever subject. Well that is my week. 

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