Monday, January 26, 2015

The Transfer of Epic Proportional surprises.

Dear Family and Friends
        I had a fantastic week, so things worked out well. Paonessa went home and we had all P-day to do what he wanted, and then as we know I emailed on Tuesday and that was perfect for us so. On Tuesday we went back, packed Pao and got him sent off and emailed you guys. Well then we went and tried some people in the other Elders area, because I was bumming it with them basically. We had some success but mainly I was just along for the ride, but I did what I could. Well Tuesday we ran out of people so we went back in the evening and cleaned up the area book, calling people and we actually got one lesson scheduled for the morning. I learned that using the planner is actually effective, Maradiaga and Wilson didn't really us their planners and so neither did I. They, in general, didn't plan but again that just shows that different people work differently.
        We visited the appointment Wednesday morning then went to district meeting and had some fun randomness the ZL Elder Steineckie was made an AP and so Peirce was with Roberts and Roberts comp finished so that was funny having Roberts in the district Well we worked some more contacting people and we went to the movie meet the Mormons at the trail center with a family and then  we waited anxiously for the day before transfer day to see what happened.
         Well we got up and ready then Elder Wilson got a call, he was told that he was going to be training an Elder Cox then he handed the phone to me and I was told I would be training an Elder Barton. So I AM A TRAINER (A DAD!!!!!) SO THAT IS SUPER CRAZY!!! So I got to go and take the missionaries out that day (Thursday) and I took out Elders Barton and Lopez. We went and knocked my area and we gave out a Book of Mormon. It was good, they are both super cool, and Barton just needs to work on his Spanish pronunciation then he will be pretty golden.
        Well Friday, Transfer Day, I surprised him and it was fun. So we got his stuff loaded and ready to go then we waited around so that we could follow Wilson and Cox to their apartment to get my stuff and that was good. We waited for forever though, so we did a bit of twelve week and weekly planning for a while in addition to saying hello and goodbye to Elder and Sister Coleman. Well we finally got our stuff and got it unloaded and unpacked and all of Pao's left over stuff into his toat (tote). We finished planning then went shopping to replenish my fridge, because it needs some love and help because I let it get empty but luckily I was safe on dry goods. We got some food and stuff, so ya, and we will get more today, we just got enough to last us. We got a super cool first lesson in with Izela and sadly Romone didn't participate, but hopefully we can change that.
           Saturday was a great first day, we got four less active lessons in. The youth I helped with math, Kevin he left to Mexico and he was supposed to be gone until May, well HE CAME BACK JUST BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED IN JANUARY!!!!! Ya so, he went less active. He is doing well though and we are going to get him to work with us, since he has just been bumming it for a bit and ya. We also took up the challenge of trying to work with other churches in service opportunities. So far we have talked to no one really, so ya sad, they have all said sorry we're busy and stuff. So ya it is sad but we will fix that, but we really struggle in that area.
         Sunday we had a great lesson at church. Basically to unify the family is to unify the ward, and my lesson about the Gathering of Israel actually fit in rather smoothly. I know I taught it terribly but I don't feel too bad, but I will repent and do better next time for sure. Well we only were able to talk to Kevin again, and it was so funny when we met with the bishop as the Elders because the Greenies pulled out the MTC how to do it handbook and it was so cool because it works. I wanted to be like in your face everyone  MTC training is what we need and I am so glad to be training this amazingly desirous Elder. He wants to be the best as do I, so we are going to work our tails off. I am going to keep the greenie fire alive. I am training him as my equal not as an inferior and it is going so well. We are already seeing miracles, all of our specific prayers were answered. We may not have gotten the lessons like planned but we did get the miracles of finding the people, or having them go back after we saw them drive off, ETC.....  I know this work is true and I am doing well. I got sick Saturday night and I didn't feel good Sunday so I am getting better, don't worry about me.
Logan J. Draper

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