Wednesday, January 21, 2015

He is gone

Dear Family and Friends
        It is very good to write you this fantastic Tuesday afternoon. I am starting on the big letter first to make sure it gets done.
        So Monday we had a long extended family home evening with a family, and the food was good, and we shared a good lesson with them and played Uno for a long, I mean long, time. I chatted with the daughter, who has a thing for either tall missionaries or Hispanic missionaries, she kind of has a thing for Elder Johnson. And I was shocked to discover she is also 19, same age as me. Ahhh run away, but nope she likes Johnson so I am safe, and ya it is funny.
          Tuesday we worked our tales off, we got three lessons in and it was super cool. We keep finding potential investigators in the store La Unica, and yes we are still teaching there. The North Elders are teaching a woman who works there, in her house, so she talks with us. We have her basically help us teach her friends. We wish we could count her as a member present because really she is just that good.  We contacted a cool referral, and she will hopefully start to progress. We taught a super stubborn but cool less active, who is starting to come back to church.We are helping them start to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon more than they had so it was and is cool to work with them.
           Wednesday We didn't have to much luck until the late evening, when we found an investigator in his house. We taught him and his girlfriend. Teaching when you find and finding when you teach is the coolest way to find because people always have friends that need the gospel, and they are always more than curious about those Mormons.
           Thursday we had exchanges, which was a nice little change but kind of sad, because Elder Paonessa and I had gotten our disagreement fixed and all worked out but ya.
          Friday was basically exchanges all over again because they got back late and then we stayed at their place. We did get our planning in and taught to awesome lessons. The best was these investigators that the sisters had and gave to us, because they are really ready to progress and ,as elders, we bring in the baptisms. Sisters soften them up then we come in and really teach them. They really accepted The Restoration and the invitation to read
          Saturday Pao got a hair cut after a member baptism. At the hair cut we met a guy, who is a friend of the member, who was cutting his hair. We basically, with the conversations, ended up teaching him The Restoration, and it was so cool because it was a simple, easy, painless, and not awkward member present.
           Sunday was Pao's farewell day, basically when we saw tons of members and it was good. We ended up staying at the north elders place for p-day the next day.
           P-day nothing really exciting more splits so that Pao could say bye to all of his old investigators and such so ya it was fun and cool. We stayed at their place this past night because he and Wilson didn't get back until about 10:00 so ya. We got up early and went back to my place to get him packed and that was my week. I love you all.
Love Elder Logan J. Draper

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